Accessible Game News, 2009,

June 16, 2009,
L Works's Super egg hunt 1.21 and The Great Toy Robbery 1.2.
June 12, 2009,
USA Games Interactive, Tomb Hunter Mysteries of the Ancients Beta 6.
June 10, 2009,
USA Games Interactive, Tomb Hunter Mysteries of the Ancients Beta 5.
June 5, 2009,
L Works's Super egg hunt, version 1.2.
June 2, 2009,
Blind Adrenaline Simulations, Hearts and Texas Hold Em.
May 24, 2009
Jim Kitchen's Mach 1 tts.
April 9, 2009,
USA Games Interactive, Tomb Hunter Mysteries of the Ancients Beta 4.
April 6, 2009,
Jean-Luc Pontico's Sound RTS version 1.0.
March 12, 2009,
USA Games Interactive, Tomb Hunter Mysteries of the Ancients Beta 3.
March 2, 2009,
USA Games Interactive, Tomb Hunter Mysteries of the Ancients Beta 2.
February 24, 2009,
USA Games Interactive, Tomb Hunter Mysteries of the Ancients Beta 1.

Accessible Game News, 2008,

December 22, 2008.
PCS Games is back to update web site.
Since I got my new computer I have been unable to update the web site until today.
December 21, 2008.
USA Games Interactive, new web site.
December 19, 2008.
Top accessible games, for 2008.
Top 5 Free Games
1. Top Speed 2
2. Sound RTS
3. Technoshock
4. Super Deekout
5. Star Trek Final Conflict
Top 5 Commercial Games
1. GMA Tank Commander
2. Shades of Doom
3. Judgement Day
4. Sarah and the castle of witchcraft and wizardry
5. Super Liam
Special thanks to Dark at and the Audyssey discussion list for their advice and contributions in producing this list.
November 4, 2008.
PCS Games has gon Vista.
I got a new computer and will have to take some time to install all the programs and games from my old system.
September 23, 2008,
Spoonbill Software's Blind gamers Chess Challenge.
July 14, 2008,
Jim Kitchen's Puppy1, version 2.
July 3, 2008,
L Works's Judgment day 1.2.
June 29, 2008,
Jim Kitchen's Puppy1, an aerial dog fight game.
June 12, 2008,
All inPlay's TAG, The Anagram Game, in public beta.
May 5, 2008,
BPC Programs, Three-D Velocity, evaluation version.
April 28, 2008,
GMA Games VIP Mud client, version 1.0.
April 8, 2008,
Audio-Games PlayCenter has 13 new student created games.
March 30, 2008,
Jim Kitchen's Monopoly, version 8,
March 29, 2008,
RS Games, Shoot Da Me, Beta 3.
March 19, 2008,
DanZ Games will be closing in June 2008.
March 3, 2008,
Jim Kitchen's Homer on a Harley, version 4.
plus new trivia files and Six new golf courses.
February 14, 2008,
x-sight interactive's Acefire 1.0 ,
February 13, 2008,
USA game's Tomb Hunter I: Mysteries of the Aztecs, beta 1.
February 6, 2008,
Jim Kitchen's Homer on a Harley, version 3.
February 4, 2008,
USA Games is a download mirror for PB-Games and XL Studios game titles.
The games, Dark Destroyer, Tarzan Junior, Self-Destruct, and more.
January 20, 2008,
We can Play WIKI.
We can Play is a site for those who like to play mainstream games but have little or no vision.
USA game's Montezuma's Return, public beta 9.
January 14, 2008,
SARAH ALAWAMI: Marrie's Marry Christmas
She is the voice in the Sarah game and now has a Christmas CD.
Sarah's Music page.

Accessible Game News, 2007,

December 29, 2007,
Draconis has been away for the holidays since December 20, 2007, and they just got back.
For those waiting for registration keys, I will start completing the outstanding Sarah game sales on December 30.
December 25, 2007,
Merry Christmas!
In searching through all the new talking toys on sale I found the Say What? Game from the Discovery Channel Store Say What game.

A new twist on word scrambles
Each ball is a word in the phrase
Reorder words to make a famous phrase
Over 300 pop culture jumbles
Age-appropriate levels for fair game play

December 16, 2007,
lighttech Interactive's Bop It Ultimate, version 1.1,
December 11, 2007,
USA game's Montezuma's Return, public beta 8.
December 9, 2007,
lighttech Interactive's Bop It Ultimate, version 1.0,
December 5, 2007,
Jim Kitchen's Homer on a Harley, version 2.
December 4, 2007,
USA game's Montezuma's Return, public beta 7.
"December 1, 2007,
RS Games, Shoot Da Me, Beta 2. November 26, 2007, Sarah page.
Sarah Patch4 finally available in the PCs Downloads page!
Sarah Patch4.
Jim Kitchen's Homer on a Harley.
November 22, 2007,
Ian Humphreys' Blind-gamers Uno 1.1.
November 21, 2007,
x-sight-interactive's chopper challenge.
November 16, 2007,
USA game's Montezuma's Revenge, Public Beta 6.
November 10, 2007,
Ken Downey's wrecking ball Beta 1.
November 1, 2007,
USA game's Montezuma's Revenge, Public Beta 5.
October 31, 2007,
RS Games, Shoot Da Me, beta 1.
Ken Downey's wrecking ball alpha 4,
October 17, 207,
USA game's Montezuma's Revenge, Public Beta 4.
Dragon Slayer Games Super Mario Brothers: The Audio Rendition, public beta 2.
Ken Downey's Sound RTS sound pack 5.
October 16, 2007,
7-128 Software's Top 25 Sites for Blind Gamers

to the Top 25 list itself.
Thank you, I couldn't have done it without you!
No it isn't alphabetical but my list tries to be the most useful and easy to search for a specific accessible game title or company.
October 10, 2007,
USA game's Montezuma's Revenge, Public Beta 3.
September 9, 2007,
Spoonbill Software's BG Uno.
Jim Kitchen's Baseball game version 4
September 5, 2007,
7-128 Software, free demo game book.
GAMBIT Game Lab, Audi Odyssey.
August 29, 2007,
Ken Downey's Demolition Derby and Air Hockey games.
August 19, 2007,
Harry Potter and the deathly hallows is now available from the web braill download site for US members in 10 BRF files.
August 2, 2007,
Audio Game Maker Beta Release.
July 23, 2007,
Working on Sarah game.
Since I finished reading the last Harry Potter book, I am now adjusting the Sarah game accordingly.
I hope to get the real Sarah to record the new descriptions.
It will take a few weeks to do this and I will post the changes as a patch plus update the full game download when finished.
July 20, 2007,
Kelly Sapergia reviews

Sarah And The Castle Of Witchcraft And Wizardry

an accessible game from on the Blind Cool Tech web site.
. 30.1 MB
July 13, 2007,
GMA games will be closed until Monday July 30 for vacation.
If you have any key replacement requests or orders, we'll process them on our return.
Regards, David Greenwood.
July 7, 2007,
USA Games Montezuma's Revenge, Public Beta,
July 4, 2007,
Multi player game SoundRTS,
June 28, 2007,
Blind Adrenaline Simulations Rail Racer version 1.1.
June 13, 2007
Blind Adrenaline Simulations Rail Racer demo.
May 26, 2007

Gestures now includes a tutor.
May 14, 2007,
20 Questions with a Harry Potter version.
May 7, 2007,
Three mouse driven games
April 30, 2007,
Sarah no longer available on CD
Draconis Entertainment is no longer offering their software titles on CD.
All games must be downloaded from their Download Center
. CD’s may be offered for limited runs during the holiday season.
Demand for CD’s has declined steeply, and no longer warrants the cost of their continued production.
Some discs in their most recent run may have problems.
If you purchased a CD of any of their software titles, including Sarah, between 14/March/2007 and 27/April/2007,
and your software will not install from the CD,
please contact their sales department.
If your software installs, there is no need to request a replacement.

UA Games,Terrestrial Invaders,
April 22, 2007
For those who downloaded the Sarah game before April 30, 2007, I have released patch3 that fixes some bugs. Sarah Patch3.
It is only 2.8 MB. You can check your SCW.txt file and if it is dated
April 18, 2007 you do not need this patch.
Patch 3 has all the bug fixes that were in Patch 1 and 2.
Plus it adds new features, like a spell that marks your location with a burning x and a number.

April 19, 2007,
Audio-Games PlayCenter has 12 new student created games.
April 13, 2007,
Ian Humphreys' Blind-gamers Word Target 1.0.
April 4, 2007,
Axe Software's Quest,
Matthew Yarrows' Sryth,
April 3, 2007,
The PCs games contest for a chance to win a magic wand with purchases of the Sarah game, is now over.
The Underwater game that uses a mouse, is listed in my Fantastic games list.
March 21, 2007
Who put that wall there?
I've put up a bug fix patch for the Sarah game on the Sarah page and downloads page.
It fixes a few bugs and adds two new rooms,
the anti chamber on the demo level and the astronomy classroom with an entrance on the seventh floor.
March 17, 2007.

Second Sneak Preview of the Sarah game.

17 MB Showing how to get the map and what is on it.
March 16, 2007
A bug fixed version of Sarah on the Sarah page and Downloads page,
plus a sarah Patch that fixes the bugs and is much smaller.
March 15, 2007,

Sarah and the Castle of Witchcraft and Wizardry is released

You can find out mor about Sarah and her adventures in the Castle, here.
inspired by the books of JK Rowling.
March 12, 2007,

Sneak Preview of the Sarah game, inspired by the books from J.K. Rowling.

A mirror site to the Sneak Preview of the Sarah game.

You can hear me explore parts of the ground floor, dungeon and Headmaster's tower. 19 MB.
March 2, 2007,
The PCs games floor is finished!
While jumping up and down, Whooping Gleefully, at the impending completion of Sarah and the Castle of Witchcraft and Wizardry,
I notice my floor start to trampoline.

A contractor fixed it and also put in a new furnace.

February 21, 2007,
Anatol Kamynin's Technoshock.
February, 18, 2007,
7-128 Software
February 2, 2007,
AderSoftware's 1000 A.D.
Jim Kitchen's Snakes and Ladders game version 2
January 31, 2007,
David Greenwood of GMA games is back and working on the Sarah game while Draconis Entertainment is on vacation until February 5.
David Greenwood and myself have managed to remove three major bugs in the Sarah game,
but there is still one more to remove before I will be selling the game.
In the meantime, I will work on getting the bugs out and adding additional features.
I do not want to post the game before everyone gets back.
I am now putting toilets into the Boy's and girl's rooms.
In Great Britain the room is called the toilet, or lavatory or loo.
In the US, the room is called the bathroom.
So I am calling them Boy's and Girl's rooms.
Last week, I put three cups and three shield awards in the trophy room.
You can not take them with you, but I think they add a little more detail to the otherwise bare room.
I also added someone who likes to bounce around in the trophy room.
I am sorry for the Sarah game release delay, and my contest for a free magic wand is now over.
January 10, 2007,
Ken Downey's games and a link to theNPR story,
Video Games for the Vision Impaired.
January 4, 2007,
Thomas Gaudy's Mosquito Eater.
Spoonbill Software's Blind gamers Yahtzee
Jim Kitchen's SAPI Simon.
January 3, 2007,
Sarah and the Castle of Witchcraft and Wizardry, has just a few more bugs to be dealt with before release.

Accessible Game News, 2006,

December 20, 2006,
Munawar Bijani's BPC Programs, inc. is back on the Fantastic games list.
December 16, 2006
The PCs High speed server is working and I've been able to bring back Pacman Talks and SuperDog's Bone Hunt .
December 12, 2006,
L Works's Judgment Day version 1.1.
December 8, 2006,
PCs Games' Super Dog's Bone Hunt is back up on a Mirror site!
X-Sight Interactive is hoasting Blind Man's Bluff.
December 5, 2006,
USA Games Entertainment's Star Trek Final Conflict.
December 3, 2006,
Lighttech Interactive's BlankBlock, a Puzzle game.
November 28, 2006,
Draconis Entertainment's Christmas Whoop Ass
November 25, 2006,
VIP Games Zone's Super sport two game package.
1. “Beach Volleyball”
2. “Funny bowling”
November 23, 2006,

Thanksgiving Turkey stunning, inspired by the Sarah game.

120 KB
November 19, 2006,
Sarah and the Castle of Witchcraft and Wizardry, is now in private beta, inspired by JK Rowling.
Cara Quinn's Audio Quake Star Wars Mod . Home of Jedi Quake 3.8 - Revenge of the Bots. Uses the agrip AudioQuake system.
Nolan Darilek's Marauder Games. Future home to The Marauder Audio Game Engine that will utilize open source technology and a scripting language to create highly-emersive games.
ESP Pinball Xtreme, version 1.2.6.
Liam Erven's L Works, Judgment Day - Now in Development, which will be released December 12 2006. Save the world from a group of countrys bent on distruction.
October 12, 2006,
Added to The Zone BBS,
Trivia, test your knowledge in a wide range of subjects.
And Pick3, our hourly lottery game.
October 3, 2006,
Ian Humphreys released Blind gamers Boggle.
October 2, 2006,
Steve Crawford released a SAPI version of his accessible Backgammon game.
September 28, 2006,
Jim Kitchen released Monopoly version 7.
Sept 21, 2006,
there were so many downloads of my games that it crashed my ISP's T1.
and now it is fixed so I will start putting the games back soon. Phil Vlasak
July 27, 2006,
Audyssey Magazine, Games Accessible to the Blind
Issue : 48 Second quarter, 2006,
Includes Phil's transcrip of the D and D sessions in March and April titled,
Battle of the Hill Giants, which is now on my Dungeons page.
Google's new accessible search engine.
listed this page at number nine when searching for accessible games.

Sharpen Your Body And Mind With Body Talk books by Louis Scrivani.

web page by Louis Scrivani and Phil Vlasak, June 16, 2009,