Fantastic Accessible Macintosh Games and Where to Find Them!

Developers of blind accessible Mac games,
updated October 14, 2016

My list is primarily designed to search for a type of game or the name of a game and to easily go to the web site where you can download it.

Evil-Dog Productions.
The Blind Swordsman.
Play as a battle-worn swordsman who is on a quest to get his sight back by going through a dark path in a dangerous area of the world
to see a powerful warlock who could have the powers to cure his blindness.
While the idea started as an April Fools prank, this is a fully playable game with very unique gameplay where you'll need more than blind luck,
pun, pun, pun, to survive.  Try it now! :D
Unique gameplay 10 ear-puzzling levels 31 unique mini cut-scenes Shocking ending
Space Encounter.
Join the Space Encounter! Shoot your missiles and exterminate the alien scum!
Win the Total War and become the Supreme Intergalactic Commander!
You start as a simple pilot and you'll face many enemy fleets coming from all the universe.
During the game, you pick up a ship to face all the space battles.
Unfortunately, there is no demo version of the game,

For All To Play.
Grail to the Thief.
An interactive audio adventure for Windows, Mac and Linux that can be played using only sound, without the need for visuals.
The game has been designed with the needs of the blind and visually impaired in mind but can be enjoyed by everyone.
Our goal is to deliver an exciting, immersive experience in which the player will always be fully aware of what is happening through the use of voice-overs, sound effects, ambient sound and music.
In Grail to the Thief, players will make their choices through a conversation tree, eliminating the confusion and frustration that comes with traditional text adventure games, which require players to type in commands to progress.
The game is a nostalgic throwback to childhood favorites such as Zork, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Day of the Tentacle, and Grim Fandango,
and draws inspiration from old BBC radio dramas and the movie Time Bandits.
The game stars Hank Krang, a dirty thief from the near future who recently had a self-aware time machine called the Time Excursion Digital Interface, or TEDI, fall into his lap after a poker game.
He has decided to use this technology to go throughout time, stealing priceless artifacts. On his first adventure, Grail to the Thief, Hank travels to Arthurian times in search of the Holy Grail.

Draconis Entertainment.
Change Reaction,
A Classic audio puzzle game for the blind and visually impaired, returns with new audio, three entirely different modes of game play, and a host of new features!
Primarily intended for blind and visually impaired gamers, ChangeReaction is played via the keyboard and your ears.
Navigate the game board with the arrow keys, dropping coins on the stacks to create chains of explosions and rack up higher and higher scores!
Match three coins of the same denomination vertically or horizontally to trigger a chain reaction that blows up all adjacent coins of the same value!
This game has no visual element. Use your fingers, ears, and wits to rack up the highest scores possible!
Choose from three distinctly different variations of game play.
All modes support three difficulty levels.
In Change Reaction Classic, clear the board of all coins before time runs out!
In LooseChange, clearing the board just got a whole lot more difficult! Bombs explode on coin stacks and scatter their contents across the board for added challenge!
In PayDay, try to keep the board from being cleared against all odds, and rack up overtime by clearing positions on the board which represent the hours of the work week.
Bonus rounds provide a chance to rack up even higher scores!
Change Reaction 2.0 has been rewritten from the ground up using the next-generation Draconis game engine.
Exciting new sounds and music.
Audio hints to help newcomers navigate the game menus with their ears.
In app instructions and keyboard reference.
SilverDollar for Mac
Howdy partner, and welcome to the Silver Dollar Saloon!
Draconis Entertainment revisits the popular saloon of the old west featured in many of its audio games for the blind and visually impaired with a new mini title!
Primarily intended for the blind and visually impaired, SilverDollar offers three mini games that serve as both a great introduction to audio games for new players, and addictive fun for experienced ones.
SilverDollar has no visual element. Use your fingers, ears, and wits to engage in some western fun.
So put on your 10 gallon hat, partner, and get into a little trouble at the old west’s premier watering hole for outlaws and gunslingers alike.
Start a brawl with the Silver Dollar’s resident tough guy.
Prove yourself a gunslinger by testing your shooting skills, blasting flying crockery out of the air.
Spend a little time at the one-armed bandit.
Features many favorite characters from previous Draconis titles, including Old Man Stanley.
Audio hints to help newcomers navigate the game menus with their ears.
In app instructions for all the mini games.

A team of students from the I T University of Copenhagen's Dark Room Project.
Home of the Dark Room Sex Game.
A multiplayer, erotic rhythm game, played only by audio and force feedback cues.
The game can be played with Nintendo Wiimote controllers or a keyboard.
You work with your partner to find a mutual rhythm, then speed up gradually until climax.
In four-player “orgy” mode, players swap partners randomly and compete to reach orgasm the fastest.

Dimitris Grammenos' Universally Accessible Games.
Home of Terrestrial Invaders.
The game includes several accessibility features that can be switched on and off, both off-line and on-the-fly, such as:
Adjustable game speed,
Adjustable size of all game graphics,
Separately adjustable FX, music and speech volume,
2D sound for localizing objects on a 2D plane,
Presentation of spatially localised captions using text and / or graphics for visualizing all game sounds,
Reading aloud (for the visually impaired) and automatic scanning (for the motor-impaired) of the game menus,
Two high contrast modes (bright graphics on dark background and the inverse),
Two types of audio descriptions that verbalise the relative position of attacking spaceships in relation to the player and warn for incoming fire,
The option of using simple shapes such as rectangles, or ellipses to render all graphic elements,
and controls can be redefined.
The game can be played using diverse alternative controls and interaction techniques.
Terrestrial Invaders for Windows is 20.8 MB,
Terrestrial Invaders for Mac OS X is 29.4 MB,
and Terrestrial Invaders for Linux x86 is 25.8 MB.

The Mac-cessibility Network for the Blind and Visually Impaired.
Provides brief tips and tricks to assist blind and visually impaired Mac users to improve their Apple experience.

darcy and holly's Screenless Switchers Podcast.
A podcast about accessibility improvements for the mac and often discuss accessible games for the leopard, the new operating system for the mac
They are sometimes joined by Josh De Lioncourt of the Maccessibility site.

Apple Chess version 2.1.
Apple Chess is the only built in game for Mac currently accessible.
It is bundled with the Mac OS X operating system and is also distributed as free and open source software on the Apple website.
2.47 MB
It communicates with the Sjeng chess engine which runs in a separate process.
Chess can be also played using voice commands,
which uses Mac OS X's built-in speech recognition capabilities.
Games can be logged using the log feature, which can include information such as names, dates, places, types of game and moves made.

Andrew Hunter's Logical Shift software and Zoom for Mac.
Zoom version 1.1.2 November 22nd, 2007, 4.56 MB.
an advanced player for interactive fiction stories written in four major formats.
Z-Code, the format used by Infocom in the 1980s for games including Zork and Trinity, as well as new games written using the Inform language.
Glulx, a modern language intended to be the successor to Z-Code.
TADS, a modern language developed by Mike Roberts.
HUGO, a modern language developed by The General Coffee Company.
It has a Text to speech interface setting. Zoom Manual for Mac OS X.

Jean-Luc Pontico's SoundRTS.
Now in 1.0 beta 9 version, a Sound Real Time Strategy audio game with an English translation from the French original.
Inspired by Warcraft,a fantasy battle game.
You are the general of an army, commanding peasants, foot soldiers, knights, archers, catapults, mages, and dragons against enemy forces.
you can play alone, or in a multiplayer online game.

this game is a free beta and is not recommended to people under 13.
. For the Mac or Linux, download
and follow the instructions in the readme.txt file.

Assistive Technology Software for Mac OS X.

Mac Visionaries.
E-mail list that helps blind people to use the Apple Macintosh.

Other places to find games, and information about Windows accessible games.

the IF Archive.
a site of text-based adventure games.

The Best of Interactive Fiction.

Assistive Gaming, Mac OS X Games & Accessibility.
Assistive Gaming provides information on how people with all disabilities can enjoy the latest and greatest games.
The editors use assistive technology to access their computer, so they know what they are talking about...

The technology access advice site, I Can Work This Thing.
You can use the VoiceOver link on that page's instructions to set up VoiceOver first before playing any games,
since those instructions optimise your VoiceOver accessibility settings.

Audyssey Quarterly Game Magazine for the blind Online

Those who want to receive issues of Audyssey as they are published
should send a blank E-mail to
Audyssey is a magazine that discusses blind games and usually comes out at the end of February, May, August and November.
The Blind Gamers list discusses games
accessible to the blind between issues of Audyssey.
To subscribe to this discussion list, send a blank message to

download Audyssey magazines from Kelly John Sapergia's site.
Issues are available either individually, or you can download all of them in a ZIP file.

Audio spotlights Windows game releases.

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