Dungeons and Dragons live role playing adventure Game

The Blind Dungeons and Dragons adventure was started in February 2000. Due to the closure of Audio-Tips, publick visiting of the group is on hiatus.

You can find information about the Dungeons and Dragons Characters plus a description of the current adventure at the

Ardrana gaming world Wiki.
Ardrana is a gaming world created by
John Proulx and
John D. Ritskowitz in the mid-1980s,
and has since been developed with the help of the multitude of gamers who have played in it.
This wiki is set up to provide information about that world, to chronicle the adventures that have taken and continue to take place in it,
and describe a bit about the gaming systems used to help create it.

You can go directly to the current adventure.

Redbeard's Lair.

Game play has been made easier by using David Greenwood's GMA Dice program that is totally self-voicing. It can be obtained in the Free section of his web site,

Link to the dice roller program on GMA Games.
Here is the list of dice rolling hot keys:
F1 1d6.
F2 2D6.
F3 3D6.
F4 1D4.
F5 5D6.
F6 1D2, (coin toss).
F7 1D100, (Percentage).
F8 - 1D8.
F9 1D20.
F10 1D10.
F11 unassigned.
F12 1D12 .
Other important KeyStrokes
H Displays a help text file.
L Gives details on the last roll performed.
Enter key Performs a non-preset roll. Hit Enter then type in the number of dice, press Enter, then type the number of sides on the dice, and press Enter again to roll.
o Toggles the dice roll sounds off and on.
Alt-D Makes GMA Dice chat room friendly.

Web page by Louis Scrivani and Phil Vlasak,
August 29, 2016