Fantastic Accessible iPhone Games and Where to Find Them!

Blind Accessible iPhone and iPad games,
updated February 11, 2017.

iPhone and iPad games

Audio Game Hub By Grabbit Entertainment Limited, on the App Store.
A set of eight experimental arcade video games that use audio as their primary interface,
making them accessible for both sighted and non-sighted users.
Dive into a rich world of sounds and experience the unique collection of mini audio games.
Play in the casino,
attend the medieval archery contest,
escape the dark labyrinth,
fight the finest samurai warriors
and improve your memory at the animal farm.
Play it on your smartphone, tablet or computer.
8 Audiogames:
Slot Machines, Casino.
Samurai Tournament, up to 4 players.
Samurai Dojo, up to 4 players.
Labyrinth, maze.
Memory, Animal Farm.
Blocks Bejeweled.

Kid Friendly Software, Blindfold Games by Marty Schultz.
Blindfold Words From Words
It is a fully accessible word game for both sighted and visually impaired people.
You want to create as many words as possible.
words from the letters of a chosen word.
For example, if the chosen word is blindfold,
you can create the words such as blind, fold, bind, old, find, oil, foil, din, and so on.
Words must be at least 3 letters long.
There are thousands of words, and you can play either a timed or untimed game.
At the end of the game, you can get a list of all possible words that can be created from the chosen word.
The game is free to try out giving you 10 coins, but , Unlimited Coins costs $2.99.
Blindfold Oppoly.
It is a fully accessible board game inspired by the game Monopoly.
The playing board has 40 spots consisting of land properties, railroads, luck cards and other spots.
You spin the dice, and move your token to the spot, where you may buy the property or pay rent.
You can play with up to 3 computer opponents, and you can adjust their playing strategy and skill level.
You can play either a full game, or a short game, and you can modify several of the rules of the game for more variety.
Some of those features require an in-app upgrade.
The game comes with 10 free coins for playing a bunch of games and you can purchase more coins with a $15 in-app upgrade.
During the game, you'll need to do a two-finger single tap to bring up a screen which will allow you to do things like buy properties, mortgage, trade, etc.
For these screens, Voiceover is used.
Blindfold trivia match
A fully accessible trivia game inspired by the TV Game Show "Jeopardy".
The game board is laid out as 6 columns of categories, with each column containing 5 clues.
You first pick the clue you want, and flick up and down through a series of answers and double tap to guess for the correct answer.
If your answer is correct, you win the amount of money for that clue. If your answer is wrong, you lose that amount of money.
The game comes with coins to play for free, and then you can purchase packs of trivia questions to continue playing.
Blindfold Soccer Kick
A fully accessible audio game that's just like the end of a soccer or European Football game.
In soccer, if the scored is tied, one player on each team alternates kicking the ball into the goal net
for 7 attempts The team that scores more goals wins.
Blindfold Soccer Kick has 3 types of games:
kicking your ball,
blocking your opponent's ball,
and a full game where you and your opponent alternate kicks.
The game speeds up as you move from level to level.
Like the other Blindfold Games, you can post your high scores to Facebook or Twitter.
The game includes several in-app upgrades.
1. Bundle$5.99
2. Unlimited Coins$4.99
3. 20 Coins$0.99
4. Unlock Competitors$1.99
Blindfold Snakes and Puzzles
Inspired by the Snakes and Ladders or Chutes and Ladders, a race game based on luck.
This game differs in that once you roll your die, you must answer a question correctly to take your turn.
Roll your die by swiping down with 2 fingers, and move forward the number of spots shown on the die.
If you land on a ladder, you move up to the higher spot the ladder is connected to.
For example, the ladder on spot 20 takes you to spot 38.
If you land on a snake, you move back to the lower spot the snake is connected to.
For example, the snake on spot 69 takes you back to spot 32.
In the multiple choice trivia game, you must answer the trivia question correctly to move.
In the arithmetic game, you must solve the arithmetic problem correctly.
There are about a dozen choices, such as Addition with 1 digit, or Multiply with numbers from 1 to 5.
Blindfold Snakes and Puzzles comes with a set of coins to play for free,
and then you can purchase more coins for additional play.
Blindfold Roulette
Roulette is a simple game, in that you pick one or two numbers to bet on.
You spin a wheel and a ball, and if the ball lands on the number when the wheel stops, you win.
When you place a bet, you can pick one or more numbers, or red or black (half the numbers are red, half are black), or odd numbers, or even numbers, or groups of numbers.
The wheel has numbers from 1 to 36, and the number zero.
If the ball lands on the individual number you picked, your win 35 times what you bet.
When the ball lands on one of the numbers in the group of numbers you picked, you bet can vary from 1 to 1 (for even or odd) up to about 8 to 1 (for a group of 3 numbers).
It has great wheel spinning and ball rolling sounds.
Blindfold Cat and Mouse.  
It is a fully accessible card game inspired by the Skipbo card game, for both sighted and visually impaired people.
The objective of the game is to be the first one to empty your stock pile.
You have a stock pile with 30 cards, 4 discard piles, and your hand of 5 cards.
Your opponent has the same. The deck consists of cards from 1 to 12.
The game starts by playing a 1 card from your hand onto a build pile.
Then if you have a 2 card, you play it, then a 3 card and so on, until you play a 12.
The build pile is cleared off, and you start again. If you cannot play a card, you discard a card, and your opponent goes next.
There are other rules, but that's a quick summary of the game.
You can play with up to 3 computer opponents, and change their skill level.
Blindfold Spite comes with coins to learn how to play, with additional coins available as an in-app upgrade.
Blindfold Sound Search is a fully accessible matching game that is inspired by matching games and interesting sounds for both sighted and visually impaired people.
There are several types of games in Sound Search.
Name That Sound improves your skill at matching an object with its sound.
Find That Sound is a matching game where you must remember the square where each sound is located.
In both games, you start out matching 3sounds to complete the level.
Each time you complete a level, the next level has the prior level's bird songs, along with two more sounds randomly mixed up.
In both games, you win points for good matches, lose points for bad matches, and can be played for dozens of levels.
There are several sound packs that can be purchased as upgrades: Common Animals, Asian Animals, National Anthems, Musical Instruments and Everyday Sounds.
Blindfold Sound Search comes with 2 free small sound packs: animals and sampler.
Blindfold Basketball.
A fully accessible audio game that's just like playing basketball on an indoor court.
In the game, the tutorial teaches you how to move on the court,
pick up the ball, dribble and shoot with 3 lessons.
Then you start playing one of the coach game.
Coach tells you where to go, and which of 5 different types of shots to make: such as a free throw, dunk, hook, jump or post shot.
As you move from level to level in the coach games, your shooting must become more accurate to score points.
Once you get good at the coach games, you can play with opponents on the court.
Depending on the game, some opponents move around randomly and others play a strong defensive game, trying to block your shots.
You can post your high scores to Facebook or Twitter.
Free but includes several in-app upgrades.

Blindfold Bird Songs
A fully accessible tile game that is inspired by matching games and bird songs for both sighted and visually impaired people.
There are several types of games in Bird Songs.
Name That Bird improves your skill at matching a bird with its song.
Find That Bird is a matching game where you must remember the square where each bird song is located.
In both games, you start out matching 3 bird songs to complete the level.
Each time you complete a level, the next level has the prior level's bird songs, along with two more bird songs randomly mixed up.
In both games, you win points for good matches, lose points for bad matches, and can be played for dozens of levels.
The game comes with 7 bird songs for free.
You can get additional packs of bird songs, Bird Pack Bundle for $9.99.
the full game has over 60 bird songs.
Blindfold Checkers.
A fully accessible Checkers game for both sighted and visually impaired people.
The game is played on an 8 by 8 checkerboard, where you and your opponent have 12 checkers, and you try eliminate all of your opponent's checkers by jumping over them.
You play against computer opponents whose skill varies from beginner to expert.
There's a tutorial included with the game, and several different ways of getting hints.
Phrase Madness By Kid Friendly Software.  
Famous as a windows game, now on the iPhone and iPad.  
Match the phrases and laugh your socks off.
In this self voicing concentration-style game, you'll try to match the beginnings of phrases with their endings.
With over 338 phrases, there are 114,244 possible new phrases you can make!
For example, you locate the beginning of the first phrase, It's a beautiful day in the.
And you need to locate the word neighborhood, which is it's ending.
But you find fire instead, creating the phrase,
It's a beautiful day in the fire.
You can make over a hundred thousand such combos, while trying to beat your opponents, matching more phrases than they do.
Blindfold Pool is a fully accessible audio game that's similar to play as pool or billiards in a pool hall.
You first line up your shot and then break the rack of balls.
Then you and your opponent alternate turns, trying to sink as many balls as possible.
There are several ways to determine which balls to aim for and sink.
You can swipe up to get a list of balls and the pockets that the balls have a clear shot to,
or you can explore the screen, and then select a ball, and get a list of pockets that are clear shots,
or you can explore the screen, and then select a pocket.
After you shoot, you'll hear the balls hitting each other, and you are told which balls landed in which pockets.
You can adjust how good your opponent is, and you can post your high scores to Facebook or Twitter.
Blindfold Road Trip with friends is a fully accessible audio card game where you try to be the first player to travel 1000 miles.
Like the Mille Bornes French card game.
You and a friend are given a handful of cards.
Your turn begins by drawing a card from the deck, and then either playing the card, or discarding the card.
The objective of the game is to play distance cards, such as 100 miles, so that you travel a total of 1000 miles.
You also want to prevent your opponent from playing distance cards, by stopping him by damaging his car, or slowing him down.
Your opponent will try to do the same to you.
Both of you can play cards to fix damage caused by your opponent.
You play against other people via Game Center, or other people in the same room as you.
Blindfold Pinball is a fully accessible audio game that's similar to a pinball machine in an arcade.
You fire your ball, and listen as it bounces around the bumpers until it makes its way towards your flippers.
Tap the screen to activate your flippers.
You can set the game to use both flippers at the same time, or operate them independently.
There are several levels of difficulty based on ball speed, and you can earn extra balls by scoring high.
You can post your high scores to Facebook or Twitter.
Blindfold Spin And Solve is a fully accessible phrase guessing game for both sighted and visually impaired people.
It is based on Hangman and the Wheel of Fortune TV game.
You and your computer opponent take turns spinning a wheel to determine the cash prize you win if you guess a letter in the phrase,
or the entire phrase, or you can buy a vowel for $250.
If you guessed right, you keep spinning the wheel and guessing more letters, until you determine the entire phrase.
For example, one of the phrases in the game is "MORE FUN THAN A BARREL OF MONKEYS",
when the game starts out, it tells you that there are 7 words in the phrase and that the first word has 4 letters, the second word has 3 letters, the third word has 4 letters, and so on.
The gesture to spin the wheel is a two finger swipe down.
You type the letter, using the keypad.
  This also works using an attached bluetooth braille or qwerty keyboard.
Blindfold Shuffleboard is a fully accessible audio game that's similar to outdoor shuffleboard.
You can play by yourself, or against a variety of computer opponents.
The game is played with 4 discs per player, and you alternate turns, shoving your discs down the shuffleboard court into the scoring zone,
or knocking your opponents discs out of the scoring zone.
You shoot your discs by aiming towards the scoring area and flicking. The faster you flick, the more powerful your shot is.
You hear the disc sliding down the shuffleboard court, and sometimes hitting the other discs.
Like real shuffleboard, you can score as high as 40 points, or as low as -40 points.
And you can post your high scores to Facebook or Twitter.
Blindfold Bowling.
It is a fairly easy game, but requires the ability to simulate real world events,
such as a ball hitting a bowling pin, and then that pin hitting another pin, as each pin falls over.
Blindfold Pong.
It is a fully accessible audio game that's similar to the classic arcade game pong.
In the game you hear one or two balls, and you must move the phone left and right to hit the ball with your paddle.
Using head phones or ear buds, you hear the ball heading towards you, and the ball will bounce off of your paddle when it's sound is in the center of your head.
The ball gets faster each time you hit it with your paddle, and you can change the bounce angle by hitting it at the left or right side of your paddle.
As you move from level to level, your paddle gets smaller and the balls get faster.
You can change the ball sounds and many other settings in the game.

Blindfold Breakout.
it is the game of Pong with bricks that you hit with the ball that bounces back and forth.
As long as you can keep the ball in play by moving your paddle controlled by moving the phone left and right.
You launch the ball using your paddle after positioning it across the playing area.
There are 8 rows of bricks, side by side, listed numerically from left to right, 1 to 8 respectively.
The ball rolls toward the bricks and breaks them. When it is rolling back to your paddle at the bottom of the playing area,
you hear where it is, in relation to where your paddle is.
Keep the sound of the ball in the center of your headset or ear buds.
If the ball hits your paddle near the edge, it will beer to that side. As it is coming back to you,
you can steer it using this method with practice.
It may bounce off of either side and roll toward the bottom at an angle.
Swing your arm or move your finger on the screen.
Which way you move your paddle is set in the game settings.
If you break all of the bricks, you continue to the next lever, receiving an extra ball as you do.
Other Blindfold games.
Blindfold Sudoku
It is a fully accessible Sudoku game for both sighted and visually impaired people.
The game comes with 5 Sudoku 9-by-9 puzzles - easy, medium and difficult - and is controlled through gestures.
It doesn't require voice-over but is fully compatible with voice-over.
The Sudoku puzzle board is not visible; instead, you play by listening.
Tap on a cell to hear what's in the cell, swipe right to hear the row, swipe down to hear the column and swipe up to hear the square.
The game gives you audio cues to tell the difference between the initial puzzle cells and the cells you fill in,
and it lets you set multiple candidates for a cell.
You can customize the game to your liking: how much extra information is spoken and how quickly it is spoken.
Blindfold Sudoku Mini.
It is a fully accessible Sudoku game for both sighted and visually impaired people.
It's a starter game for Sudoku - a 4-by-4 puzzle game that's great for kids and adults just getting started with Sudoku.
The game comes with 5 Sudoku 4-by-4 easy puzzles - and is controlled through gestures.
It doesn't require voice-over but is fully compatible with voice-over.
More puzzles are available through an in-app purchase.
The Sudoku puzzle board is not visible; instead, you play by listening.
Tap on a cell to hear what's in the cell, swipe right to hear the row, swipe down to hear the column and swipe up to hear the square.
The game gives you audio cues to tell the difference between the initial puzzle cells and the cells you fill in,
and it lets you set multiple candidates for a cell.
You can set the game to use numbers, or animals (dog, cat, horse, or frog) or animal sounds.
You can customize the game to your liking: how much extra information is spoken and how quickly it is spoken.
Blindfold Cryptogram.
It is a fully accessible Cryptogram game for both sighted and visually impaired people.
The game comes with 5 assorted Cryptogram quotes by famous people.
Categories include age, change, computers, being cool and education.
The game is entirely controlled through gestures. It doesn't require voice-over but is fully compatible with voice-over.
The Cryptogram puzzle board is not visible; instead, you play by listening.
Flick left and right to move one letter at a time, and hear the encrypted letter.
Swipe with 2 fingers to move one word left, or one word right. Swipe up to hear the entire encrypted puzzle, and your solution.
You can enter your solution for each letter three different ways.
Using a Bluetooth keypad, using the alphabet at the bottom of the screen, or using a popup keypad.
The popup keypad also provides buttons for getting hints, and a frequency table.
You can customize the game to your liking: how much extra information is spoken and how quickly it is spoken.
Blindfold Road Trip.
a fully accessible audio card game where you try to be the first player to travel 1000 miles.

Like the Mille Bornes French card game.
You and a computer opponent are given a handful of cards.
Your turn begins by drawing a card from the deck, and then either playing the card, or discarding the card.
The objective of the game is to play distance cards, such as 100 miles, so that you travel a total of 1000 miles.
You also want to prevent your opponent from playing distance cards, by stopping him by damaging his car, or slowing him down.
Your opponent will try to do the same to you.
Both of you can play cards to fix damage caused by your opponent.
Blindfold Solitaire.
It is a fully accessible Solitaire card game for both sighted and visually impaired people, designed for rapid audio play.
The game includes Klondike 3, the typical game of solitaire where you build all four suits from ace to king in separate piles,
and 28 cards are dealt into seven piles on the tableau, where the first pile contains 1 card, the second pile has two cards with only the top card showing, the third pile has 3 cards with only the top card showing and so on.
Each time you draw from the deck, you get 3 more cards.
The cards are not visible; instead, you play by listening. You can flick left or right, or up or down, to hear the cards.
You move a card from one pile to another by tapping on the screen twice to start the move, and then tapping twice again to complete the move.
A complete guide to the gestures is included in the help.
The game tells you if a card can be moved to the foundation piles, and can be set to move the cards automatically.
You can customize the game to your liking: how much extra information is spoken and how quickly it is spoken.
Blindfold Color Crush.
A fully accessible tile game that is inspired by Candy Crush and Bejeweled for both sighted and visually impaired people,
designed for rapid audio play.
The objective is to remove as many colored gems as possible, by swapping adjacent gems, to get 3 or more similar colored gems in a row.
You can set the game to identify gems as color names, such as red or blue, or fruits, animals or numbers.
Each time you complete a level by removing many gems, you move on to the next level.
The game comes with a Beginner Game, a Standard game and a Timed Trial game.
Blindfold Barnyard.
Drag barnyard animals to the north, south, east or west fences.
To earn points, once you have a bunch of similar animals at a fence, swipe with 2 fingers to move those animals into the barn.  
The more animals that are hitched and moved, the higher you score.  
For one animal, one point.  Two animals, three points.  Three animals, six points, and so on.  
But if you attempt to hitch a different animal to the fence, all of the animals run away from the fence.  
New animals appear in the barnyard every few seconds.
I added two methods to locate the animals: compass and clock directions.  
With compass directions, the game tells you where the nearest animal is, such as “Horse to the north east”.  
With clock directions, the game tells you “Sheep at 3 o’clock”.
Blindfold Wildcard.
A fully accessible card game that is a variant of the game "UNO" for both sighted and visually impaired people, designed for rapid audio play.
The game includes several modes of play, such as discard or draw, and discard or draw until you can discard.
Since there are many rules choices for the game, you can customize it for many of those rules.
You play against the computer.
The cards are not visible; instead, you play by listening. You can flick up or down to hear the cards, and tap to play a card or draw from the deck.
A complete guide to the gestures is included in the help.
The game tells you if a card can be played. You can customize the game to your liking: how much extra information is spoken and how quickly it is spoken.
Blindfold Ping Pong.
This table tennis game is a physical game in which you swing your device like a paddle similar to TV screen based games,
but uses only audible feedback, not visual.
Try closing your eyes-- you'll feel like you are in a professional tournament!
Hone your timing and table tennis skills, and get some physical activity you don't normally get with most mobile games.
Easy to play.
Audible Instructions throughout game.
Practice screen.
3 Skill Levels, from Beginner (easy enough for children), to Expert, which will challenge anyone.
One Player or Two Player operation.
Game State is preserved when you "freeze" the app by closing it to run another app.
Incoming calls may be taken, and Game State is preserved.
Music may be played in the background.
Blindfold Hopper.
It is a fully accessible audio game that's a cross between the popular game Frogger, and the game Flappy Bird.
In Hopper, you are a frog sitting on a lily pad, and you need to jump to the next lily pad.
Using head phones or ear buds, you hear the lily pads move from one side of your head to the other.
Each lily pad is represented by a different musical loop.
When the lily pad is directly in front of you, tap the phone to jump to the next lily pad.
You can move your lily pad left and right by swinging your arm or rotating your body,
and you can jump to a lily pad in front of you, or behind you.
Each time you jump, the next lily pad comes a little bit faster.
If you stay on your lily pad too long, an alligator will eat you.
Blindfold Racer.
Ever try driving with your eyes closed?
Take your courage for a spin… try to drive with your ears instead of your eyes!
Listen carefully so you don't crash into fences and watch out for animals crossing the street.
Finish each level quickly to get points.
Cross all the finish lines and prove you're the Champ!
Watch out for trolls, bears and bridges!
The game was created for blind and visually impaired folks with help from the students in the app club at Cushman School, Miami FL.
Thanks to the students at Lighthouse for the Blind Miami and Broward and the veterans at the VA Med Center for their suggestions.
The game is fully compatible with voice-over, but is not limited by voice-over gestures when you are driving.
Blindfold Bingo.
It is a fully accessible audio game where you play Bingo by yourself, or against several computer players.
In the game numbers are announced, and you press to dab your card on that number.
You can choose how many other computer players are playing,
and how many cards they can buy.
If you get a bingo, you win 50% of the coins that were used to purchase cards by you and the other players.
The game comes with over 16 patterns of play, and lets you both explore a pattern and then play that pattern,
such as a clover leaf, or the letter X, or an inside diamond.
You can record yourself saying Bingo, and the game will play it back to you when you get a bingo.
You can also select from other people's voices, and share your voice with the people who play the game.
Blindfold Spades.
It is a fully accessible Spades card game for both sighted and visually impaired people.
It is a trick taking game where the spade suit is always trump.
First you decide how many tricks you will be able to take, and you bid that amount.
You play against 2 computer players who also bid how many tricks they think they can take.
You score highest if you make exactly the number of tricks that you bid,
and you lose the most if you don't make at least the number of tricks that you bid.
A help on how to play Spades is included with the app.
You can customize the game to your liking: how much extra information is spoken and how quickly it is spoken, how many sound effects are used amongst other things.
And you can post your high scores to Twitter or Facebook.
Blindfold Hearts.
It is a fully accessible Hearts card game for both sighted and visually impaired people.
It is a trick taking game, where you try to get the lowest score against 3 computer opponents.
Each heart is worth one point, and the Queen of Spades is worth 13.
You can also "shoot the moon" getting all hearts and the Queen of Spades, but beware - your opponents will try to stop you.
You can customize the game to your liking: how much extra information is spoken and how quickly it is spoken, how many sound effects are used amongst other things.
You can post your high scores to Twitter or Facebook.
Blindfold Roulette.
It is a fully accessible audio game that lets you play Roulette just like in a casino.
You can place bets on a single number, or group of numbers, or EVEN, ODD, RED, BLACK and many other combinations, and then spin the wheel.
You'll hear the ball spinning around the wheel, slowing down, and then landing in the pocket.
When your number comes up, you can win up to 35 times what you bet.
Play the game your way by configuring it to your liking!
The money used in this game is fictitious, but the strategies you will learn are priceless.
The game comes with both the American and French wheels, with additional Double Wheels and Alphabet wheels available as an in-app purchase.
Blindfold Rummy.
It is a fully accessible Rummy card game for both sighted and visually impaired people.
It comes with Gin Rummy where most or all of the cards can be combined into sets and runs and the point value of the remaining unmatched cards is low.
When you have very few cards that are not in a set or a run, you can knock, and the player with the lowest points in their hand wins the round.
The game is played until 100 points, or whatever target score you set, is achieved by one of the players.
You play against up to 3 computer players.
You can customize the game to your liking: how much extra information is spoken and how quickly it is spoken, how many sound effects are used amongst other things.
And you can post your high scores to Twitter or Facebook.
Blindfold BlackJack.
Want to play Blackjack without looking at your phone?
It is the only Blackjack game that lets you play at work, on the bus, walking, or watching TV.
The dealer tells you what cards you and the dealer have and you play by tapping or swiping on the screen.
You can even make the screen black so no one sees what you are doing!
Feel the thrill of trying to win BIG against the house!
Use strategies like split or double down to become a high roller without traveling to a casino.
Play Blackjack in your way by configuring the game to your liking!
The money used in this game is fictitious, but the strategies you will learn are priceless.
Tap chips, cards and table to play blackjack as if you were at the casino
Full support for splitting to four hands.
Win more chips when you get blackjack
Blackjack casino rules pays 3 : 2
One deck game. Uses trusted shuffling algorithm - there is no "fixing" here!
Many configuration options
Blindfold Word Games.
It is a fully accessible set of word games for both sighted and visually impaired people.
Word Games includes the games Word Ladder, Word Flick, Hangman, Unscramble and 7 small words.
The objective of Word Ladder is to convert one word into another word by changing only one letter a a time.
For example, to change the word 'COLD' to 'WARM', you can first change the third letter of COLD from 'L' to 'R', making the word CORD. Then change the second letter of 'CORD', so the new word is 'CARD', then the fourth letter of 'CARD', so the new word is 'WARD'. Finally change the last letter of 'WARD', so the new word is 'WARM'.
In Word Flick, you have a 16 randomly chosen letters arranged in a 4 by 4 grid.
You build as many words as possible using adjacent letters. The longer the word, the higher you score.
For example, if the top line has the letters C, A, T, S, and the second line has the letters O, L, D, X, you could form CATS from the first line and COLD using the C from the first line, and the O, L, D from the second line.
In Unscramble, you must unscramble the word.
The letters L, E, H, O, L unscramble to become the word HELLO.
In Hangman, you must discover the word before using up your moves.
In Seven Small Words, you must combine word fragments into a word that matches the definition you are given.
Blindfold Craps.
It is a fully accessible audio game that lets you play Craps just like in a casino.
You can play simple Craps and win of 7 or 11, lose on 2, 3 or 12, or make your point and win.
It comes with several varieties of Craps, each allowing different styles of betting.
You can place single bets, such as ANY 7, boxcars, or hard eight, and win big.
You can bet against yourself with a DON'T PASS bet, and you can bet on subsequent rolls with a COME BET or a DON'T COME bet.
And you can make PLACE, BUY or LAY bets anytime you want.
Play the game your way by configuring the game to your liking!
The money used in this game is fictitious, but the strategies you will learn are priceless.
Blindfold Vee Ball.
It is a fully accessible audio game that was inspired by the arcade game Skee Ball.
In the game using your finger, you roll a ball up a ramp, where it can land in one of several holes on the playing field.
The harder-to-reach holes are worth more points, ranging from 10 points to 100 points.
If you roll too fast, you will miss all the holes and the ball ends up in the top gutter.
If you roll too slowly, the ball drops into the bottom gutter.
The game comes with 3 different ball sizes, and you can change how bouncy the balls are.
The game comes with coins; you need one coin to play. To get more coins, you can listen to advertising videos, or purchase coins as an in-app upgrade.
Blindfold Air Hockey.
It is a fully accessible audio game that's similar to the arcade game Air Hockey.
In the game you have a mallet or paddle, and there's a puck on the playing table.
To start the game, hit the puck swiping your finger.
The puck heads towards your opponent's goal, where he knocks it back to you, bouncing off of the walls as it gets closer to your goal.
You block his shot, and fire the puck back at his goal.
You need 4 goals to win the game.
Using head phones or ear buds, you hear the puck heading towards you, and you control your mallet by moving your finger left and right.
When the puck is close enough, you'll hear a ding sound, and you can swipe the puck aim at your opponent's goal.
The game comes with a tutorial level, and 16 different opponents - varying from beginner to expert.
The game comes with coins; you need one coin to play. To get more coins, you can listen to advertising videos, or purchase coins as an in-app upgrade.
Blindfold Video Poker.
Want to play Video Poker but can't look at your phone? The game is the only Video Poker game that lets you play at work,or on the bus, or walking, or watching TV.
The video poker machine tells you what cards you have and you play by tapping or swiping on the screen.
Feel the thrill of trying to win BIG against the house!
Pays off at standard Jacks-Or-Better rates - up to 4,000 chips for a royal flush.
Play Video Poker in your way by configuring the game to your liking!
The money used in this game is fictitious, but the strategies you will learn are priceless.
This game is fully accessible and does not need voice-over.
Designed for very fast audio play, you never need to look at the screen.
Realistic sounds.
Easy to play.
Deposit coins into video poker machine just like at the casino.
Select sounds for dealing cards or spinning reels.
Uses trusted shuffling algorithm
- there is no "fixing" here!
Many configuration options.
Blindfold Tile Puzzle.
It is a fully accessible tile game that includes the popular games 2048 and Threes for both sighted and visually impaired people.
It includes the 2048 game, and several variants where you move tiles, and when two tiles touch with the same number, they merge into one tile that's the sum of the two tiles.
For example, 2 merging with 2 becomes 4, 4 with 4 becomes 8, and so on.
You win when you get at least one tile to 2048.
It also includes the Threes game, where you move tiles and if the two tiles add up to a multiple of 3, they merge into one tile, that's the sum of the two tiles.
For example, 2 merging with 1 becomes 3, 3 merging with 3 becomes 6, 6 merging with 12 becomes 18.
Each merged tile is added to your score, and each time you play, try to best your previous best score.
Several other variants are included, such as 2048 unlimited, and Alphabet.
You can customize the game to your liking: how much extra information is spoken and how quickly it is spoken.
Blindfold Crazy Eights.
It is a fully accessible Crazy Eights card game for both sighted and visually impaired people.
It includes several variants of Crazy Eights, such as discard or draw, and discard or draw until you can discard.
Since there are many rules choices for Crazy Eights, you can customize the game for many of those rules.
You play against one, two or three computer opponents of different skills.
You play this game by listening. You can flick up or down to hear the cards, and tap to play a card or draw from the deck.
A complete guide to the gestures is included in the help.
It tells you if a card can be played. You can customize the game to your liking: how much extra information is spoken and how quickly it is spoken.
Blindfold Crazy Eights with Friends.
It is a fully accessible Crazy Eights card game for both sighted and visually impaired people.
It includes several variants of Crazy Eights, such as discard or draw, and discard or draw until you can discard.
Unlike Blindfold Crazy Eights, where you can only play with computer opponents, in this game, you can play with 2, 3 or 4 of your friends, either through game center
or nearby, such as friends in the same room.
Blindfold Juggle.
It is a fully accessible juggling game for both sighted and visually impaired people.
The objective of the game is to keep tossing animals - dogs, sheep, cows, goats, donkeys, roosters, wolves, canaries,elephants and owls into the air, without letting any of them fall to earth, or any other planet.
The more animals you keep juggling, the higher you score.
There are two ways to juggle. In bounce mode, you simply keep your phone under the animal as it falls, and it will bounce back up.
In juggle mode, you must snap your wrist, as if you are tossing the animal into the air.
The more powerful your toss, the higher the animal goes.
You can juggle on different planets or moons, such as Earth or Mercury or Jupiter.
Blindfold Horserace.
It is a fully accessible audio game where you race your horse against other horses.
In the game you walk or run your fingers on the screen, as if the horse is running.
You are in post 2, and the other horses are in post 1 and 3.
Once you hear the starting bells, race as fast as you can, and you may win.
Races are from 1 furlong to 1 mile, and there are several types of racetracks.
There's even a steeplechase race where you must jump over fences and steer your horse left and right.
The game comes with coins; you need one coin to play. To get more coins, you can listen to advertising videos, or purchase coins as an in-app upgrade.
Blindfold Simon.
It is a fully accessible audio game that's similar to the memory game Simon.
In the game you listen to a sequence and then repeat that sequence.
All action sequences are gestures on your iPhone or iPad, such as swipe up, down, left or right, or tapping with one finger or two fingers.
Each time you complete all the steps in a sequence, you win coins and move onto a sequence that is one step longer.
There is a one player mode where you can win coins, and a two player mode where you pass the iPhone back and forth between the two players.
As you move from level to level, the number of gesture alternatives gets longer.
You can change the many settings in the game.
Blindfold Dominoes.
It is a fully accessible Dominoes tile game for both sighted and visually impaired people.
It comes with a blocking game, where you and up to 3 computer opponents each place a matching domino on the table until one player runs out of tiles, or no one can move.
The winner gets the points of the losing players tiles.
You can customize the game to your liking: how much extra information is spoken and how quickly it is spoken, how many sound effects are used amongst other things.
And you can post your high scores to Twitter or Facebook.
Blindfold War.
It is a fully accessible classic card War game for both sighted and visually impaired people.
Each player starts with a deck of 26 cards. The game takes place through a series of battles in which each player reveals one card.
The player with the highest card wins both cards. If both players reveal a card of the same rank, a war ensues, giving each player a chance to win many of their opponent's cards.
The cards are not visible; instead, you play by listening. Tap the screen to play your next card, and the computer plays its next card too.
The game tells the cards you and the computer played, and the number of total cards in your hand.
You can customize the game to your liking: how much extra information is spoken and how quickly it is spoken.

Super Tile Smash by John Sturt, US iTunes page.
A simple and addictive puzzle game where the objective is to complete as many levels as possible.
Select a tile and if a surrounding tile is the same it will be destroyed,
you will need to destroy more tiles as the levels progress.
Special tiles are called Rocket,sidewinder and crossfire.
The in game menu can be reached by tapping on any item on the bottom row of the screen
which contains from left to right current level,upcoming tiles and percentage of level completed.
The game is written to be fully compatible with Voiceover and is suitable for all players with any level of eyesight.
To change the tile and sound themes tap the values on the menu screen.
The game costs $1.99.

DoItWrite by Draconis.
Learn to draw lowercase letters, uppercase letters, and numbers for use with iOS’s VoiceOver handwriting feature!
Many blind or visually impaired people are not familiar with the shapes of printed letters or numbers.
DoItWrite teaches you how to draw them in a simple way that has the best chance of being correctly recognized by VoiceOver, even if you have never learned the shapes of the characters previously.
Once you get them down, practice your speed and accuracy with a fun game to blast characters as they tumble down the screen!
Use the app to improve your onscreen typing skills by using the keyboard during game play.
Automatic feedback and coach via audio queues and speech output.
DoItWrite automatically detects when VoiceOver is not running, and permits the tutorial to be browsed with the onscreen keyboard.
Great for sighted teachers and tutors!
Share your game scores with others.

LookTel VoiceOver Tutorial and games.
US iTunes page.
This free app provides a basic introduction to VoiceOver and the gestures used throughout iOS.
Persons new to VoiceOver and IOS are guided through the tutorial with a pleasant mix of facts and entertainment.
Once the app is started with VoiceOver running, the text and elementary games provide a practice of the basic gestures used with VoiceOver and iOS.
A simple VoiceOver Basketball game allows you to dribble a basketball, , and a VoiceOver combination lock Safe game provide opportunities to practice the core gestures.
Version 2.0 added an immersive Adventure and exploration game to teach more complex gestures,
using taps and three finger gestures to traverse an old and dusty library in search of an ancient book of magic.
The Adventure game has visual elements to assist in gameplay for low-vision customers

A Blind Legend By DOWINO, the App store page.
Live the adventures of Edward Blake, the famous blind knight!
Your wife has been kidnapped, and you must rescue her.
Guided by your daughter Louise,
you must find your way and avoid the many traps that lie in store in the High Castle Kingdom, while confronting dangerous enemies!
A mobile action-adventure game without video where ears replace eyes!
Discover the sensory experience of binaural 3D sound.
Sharpen your hearing and your blade… And embark on an epic, perilous rite of passage.
Put on your headphones and use your finger on the touchscreen like a joystick:
In order to move forward, you drag a finger forward on the screen.
In order to move faster, you move your finger farther forward and hold it in place.
Lifting your finger from the screen stops the character's movement. Flicking right or left on the screen rotates the character;
- to fight using your sword, quickly swipe upward on the screen.
- to defend yourself and protect yourself with your shield, use the pinch gesture.
The game was originally written in French, is fully accessible to visually impaired people, and is aimed at anyone who’s eager for an immersive sensory experience through a video game.

Nano Empire by James Senter, App Store page.
A network of nano robots gives humans godlike power. What will you do with yours?
-Create your own world! Build, upgrade, and explore a unique combination of glorious locations. No two worlds are the same!
-Wage war against 10 enemy personalities, from giant scorpion matriarchs to ruthless space pirates!
-Embark on secret missions, discover dark truths, and take action. Many lives will depend on your choices!
An incremental strategy game designed for depth and replayability.
No Ads, No In-App Purchases, no music or sound effects.
Accessible with VoiceOver.
What's New in Version 1.2.1
-Fixed a crash that could occur when VoiceOver is on
(sorry, if you currently have this issue you will need to delete and redownload the game)
You start with a blank world, waiting for you to create something.
Tap the “Create” button to see the creation menu. There are five locations available for you to create
(you might have to scroll). Tap a location to read about it.
Once you’ve picked one, choose “Yes” to create it in your world!
You’ll see that your location is now producing resources. Before long, you’ll be able to use these resources to create more locations!
There are four resources in Nano Empire:
Energy is used to create and level up locations.
Followers are used in a variety of location actions, often to increase resource production.
Attack is your strength in offensive combat.
Defense is your strength in defensive combat.
Each resource has a production value equal to the amount of this resource you produce per second.
Increase production by creating and leveling up locations, and by taking certain actions at locations.
The main “My World” view shows a list of locations you’ve created. Tap a location’s name to visit that location.
A location name turns gray if you can’t currently do anything at that location,
but you can still visit at any time.
Each location increases the production of certain resources and/or provides a special bonus, which you can see in the location’s description.
Each location also offers unique actions for you to take. Choose an action from the menu and find out what happens!
After taking an action, you must wait a while before taking that action again.
Select “Level Up” and pay the required energy to level up your location.
Leveling up increases the resources produced by that location and unlocks a new action!
Before long, enemies will start to notice your world. Tap “Campaign” to see your current enemy’s information. The enemy has an Attack and Defense value just like you do.
The enemy will attack your world at random intervals, or you can tap “Attack!” to attack the enemy’s world.
If you attack the enemy, your hit points in battle will be equal to your Attack value, and your enemy’s hit points will be their Defense. Vice-versa if the enemy attacks you.
In the combat view, your goal is to reduce the enemy’s hit points (red) to zero before they reduce yours (blue).
To reduce the enemy’s hit points, tap the “Fight!” button fast but not too fast! Drumming with multiple fingers is recommended.
You can also use the special abilities “Zap” and “Recruit” once per battle.
“Zap” consumes 20% of your Energy and reduces your enemy’s hit points by the same amount,
plus any bonuses you have acquired.
“Recruit” consumes 20% of your Followers and adds the same amount to your hit points, plus any bonuses.
Beware: enemies sometimes use these abilities as well!
If you win a battle, you plunder 2 resources for every enemy hit point you destroyed. If you lose, the enemy plunders 2 resources for every surviving hit point,
so it pays to fight as hard as you can even if you are doomed.
If you keep losing, don’t give up! The enemy can never steal more than half of your resources.
Also, if the enemy wins they will grow complacent and their strength will not increase significantly,
so you’ll be able to get revenge eventually.
Finally, keep in mind that attacking and plundering the enemy is a great way to recover lost defense.
Once you successfully attack an enemy 5 times, that enemy will be defeated, you will receive a bonus, and a tougher enemy will be revealed!
You can keep creating and leveling up locations to make your world more impressive.
You can conquer more and more enemies to demand respect in the universe.
And maybe a bigger adventure is waiting.
The game costs $0.99 USD.

Scramble With Clues , Jumble Word Puzzles for IOS, App Store page.
By Fresh Logo SRL
In Scramble With Clues -- you tap the letter tiles to form words.
Discover 3, 4, 5 & 6-letter words.
Try to find all the valid words and solve the puzzle!
Need help? Tap any word to get the clue.
Earn stars to unlock new puzzles!
300 puzzles to solve
Dictionary, once you find a word you can check its definition & thesaurus.
Check the definitions for all the valid words at the end of each game.
GameCenter, compete on the leaderboard and try to earn 10 achievements
iCloud Sync: sync your game scores across multiple devices
Are you left-handed? Playing on iPad? You can flip the game screen for a better experience.

Somethin' Else games pulling their games off the app store.
Starting with Papa Sangre, in 2010,
then The Nightjar, in 2012, Papa Sangre 2, in 2013, and finally Audio Defence: Zombie Arena, in 2014,
Somethin' Else games produced some of the most amazing iOS games ever.
Due to the games only having support for iPhone 5 screens, and
sometimes crashing on newer phones, they were pulled from the app store.
Their last product was to be the Papa Engine, that powered their suite of 3D audio games, that would allow others to develop iOS games.

Audio Archery by LWorks, App Store page.
Archery for your Ears
Audio archery Version 1.0 brings archery to IOS.
Use only your ears and your reflexes to shoot targets.
The game is entirely auditory, so there are no pictures or icons.
You will hear a target move from left to right. When it is centered, flick down on the screen with one finger to pull back your bow.
Release your finger to fire your arrow.
The game consists of 10 rounds with 7 shots each.
In order to move on to the next round you have to get a score equal or greater then the target score.
for instance in round 2 you need 6 to advance.
If you fail to reach the target score, the game ends.
Round ten requires 28 or more to win.
Can you pass the tenth round and become the audio archery champion?
This app is designed for both iPhone and iPad.
Released: 30 May 2013
Size: 16.3 MB
Language: English
Developer: Liam Erven
© 2012 LWorks
Rated 4+
Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Requires iOS 4.3 or later. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.

Heathcote By Fabulae Obscurae, Inc. on the App Store.
Scary stories are best told in the dark!
So shut your eyes, draw up the covers, and join intrepid reporters
David and Martin on this audio-only adventure.
With a story by Hellraiser comic writers Ben Meares and Christian Francis,
and voice acting by Internet sensation Hunter Davis and Robert Dunne (young Rossi in ‘Criminal Minds’),
Sixty years ago, a mysterious fire raged through Heathcote asylum, killing all 89 residents and staff.
Now, jaded investigators David and Martin return to the site and discover to their horror that the terror might not be over.
A choose your own adventure type drama, has a few different variations, and is extremely creepy at some points.

Vanished By Pixel Heart, App Store page.
In a land of black mists and hollow thoughts, find the way to escape from monsters and dark entities.
The game has a real life simulated combat system.
Will you survive a monster apocalypse? Only your skills and reflexes will determinate it!
It is very accessible once started, but starting it can be a little tricky, as nothing is VO accessible.
When the game launches, you will here music.
Tap in the lower middle of the screen, and you should here the music pause, and then resume with a male voice.
To walk, tap the upper half of the screen. turn controls are gyro activated.
One touch gameplay. Hold your iPhone, face the direction you want to go and touch the screen to walk.
Shake the device to attack. It's as simple as that.
While this game is very short, it has several scenes that are very eerie.
Immerse yourself in a world of darkness, where your eyes won't be necessary.
The game world will be created around you with only sounds.
Feel the fear of the unknown.
Your goal is to reveal the mystery of what's happened to reality!
Fearsome sound effects in 3D audio!
Fully voiced story, narrated by the famous voice actor Peter Baker!
Exp and Level system: grow the strength of your character and get more powerful weapons by killing as many monsters as you can!

blindscape By Gavin Brown, App Store page.
It is a piece of experimental storytelling that takes place entirely through sound.
The narrative is told from the point of view of a man in an authoritarian society who wants to escape his intolerable life by ending it.
Up to ten minutes of gameplay of some guy talking at you
No In-App Purchases, ratings nagging, or other interruptions
No badges, achievements, or integration with gamecenter
Makes you feel like a sophisticated patron of the arts
A serious, emotionally involving plot line
Look silly while you poke at the screen trying to find things

MiNDSiGHT By Luke Charman, App Store page.
MindSight is an interactive audio adventure which uses binaural recording techniques to tell an immersive superhero story purely by sound.
Immerse yourself in the role of blind protagonist Ethan Lewis as he embarks on a journey with his faithful sidekick Alix to rescue his sister from the maniacal villain, Dexter.
On the way, he, and you, will have to overcome challenging audio-based puzzles to reach the roof of Dexter's headquarters and save his sister.
The game is controlled entirely by simply swiping up, down, left, or right on the screen,
and plays out like a combination between a radio drama and a choose-your-own-adventure novel,
allowing you to solve fun and challenging puzzles using nothing but your ears, mind, and reflexes!
This game was created as part of a degree thesis as an educational exploration into the potential for delivering rich, interactive drama using conventional stereo audio enriched with binaural recording techniques.

A Dark Room iOS by Doublespeak Games and Amir Rajan.
An Online text-based role-playing game 
the game was designed to tell its story entirely through environmental cues, rather than relying on exposition and dialogue.
The game begins with you awakening in a cold, dark room after a mysterious event.
Initially, you can only light and tend a fire in the room. As the game progresses, you gain the abilities to collect resources, interact with strangers, start a village, and explore the world.
What follows is a strange hybrid, part mystery story and part smartphone productivity software.
The game evokes the simplest text-based computer games of the nineteen-seventies while stimulating a very modern impulse to constantly check and recheck your phone.
It’s like a puzzle composed of deconstructed to-do lists."
it's a surprisingly deep, compelling experience, far more than its exterior would suggest.

Choice Of The Dragon, by Choice Of Games, and Dan Fabulich.
Play as a fire-breathing dragon who sleeps on gold and kidnaps princesses for fun.

dice world, by Pangia Games and nick barbato.
Has 6 dice games that can be played against friends on or off Facebook.
Farkle - An addictive fast paced game of risk taking.
Yatzy - The classic strategic dice game everyone loves.
Balut! - A true test of your skills. A very addictive and strategic game.
PIG! - The most Addicting (and frustrating) game you will ever play.
Threes! - Classic addicting dice game played in alleyways around the world!
1-4-24! - Also known as 'Midnight', this game will keep you playing for hours!
They also have a Blackjack game.

trivia crack By Etermax, App Store page.
Have fun challenging your friends and enemies in the hottest trivia game!
Let our friendly spinner wheel, Willy, select which questions you’ll answer from six different categories.
Be the first to get the six crowns to win, but watch out for the rematch!
Hundreds of thousands of exciting questions
You can create your own questions in the Factory
Over 20 game languages
Chat with your opponents
works for the blind apart from the occasional picture question.

7 Little Words By Blue Ox Technologies Ltd on the App Store.
If you enjoy crossword puzzles, word finds, and anagram games,
you're going to love 7 Little Words!
Each bite-size puzzle consists of 7 clues, 7 mystery words, and 20 letter groups.
Find the mystery words by deciphering the clues and combining the letter groups.
7 Little Words is FUN, CHALLENGING, and EASY TO LEARN.

MouseKick by visorApps and Jan Blüher, on the App Store.
Imagine: Your nice, big piece of cheese in the kitchen has been taken by mice.
They look out of it and laugh at you! Don’t accept that, kick them back!
MouseKick dares you and tests your capacity of reaction in various modes with great graphics and animations.
Hear the mice as they squeak from nine locations on the screen in a thrree by three grid and kick them back with your finger.
Detect them by the noises they make and catch them!
A Blind mode puts your sense of hearing to the test.
MouseKick is a new challenge every day. Accept it and win trophies.
Three game modes require different kicking strategies.
In Blind mode, mice can only be detected by the noises they make.
There is a training mode for learning their noises.
Every day a new challenge with the Game of the Day and the option to win trophies.
MouseKick supports Game Center. Thus, you can easily compare your results with those of your friends and all other players.
Full voiceover support in all modes.

iAssociate 2 By TicBits Ltd on the App Store .
a family friendly word game, and features extensive VoiceOver support.
a word association game, where players have to figure out which words or phrases are associated to each other.
Lots of content readily available
Updates every three weeks
GameCenter support
VoiceOver support
Puzzles in various topics, such as Movies, Comics, Sports, Travel and much more!
You can now get hints for all of those words which you get stuck with, but beware, there is only a limited amount of hints for you to use so use them wisely.

Word Guess Collection, by Yohann Taieb, App Store page.
Word Guess Collection game brings back the classic hangman game concept with a twist!
Challenge yourself by guessing words within different categories such as
pets, musical instruments, candies, colors, superheroes, fruits, professions, Christmas, Halloween, sports, and much more!
The game keeps track of your progress for each categories, and gives you the opportunity to earn a reward badge for each category completed.
Updated: April 19, 2013, Version: 1.3
Just double tap on the letters that you think go into the answer.
After you tap on the three letters to answer a clue, it will automatically fill it in and then the clue will say solved in front of it.
So if you think an answer might be hat, double tap on the H, then an A, and then a t. You will either hear a noise letting you know it was correct or incorrect.
Another good tip is make sure you have characters checked in your rotor so you can move letter for letter when looking at the word you are trying to guess,
otherwise, VoiceOver won't read the blank spaces in the word.

WordZinga! By MT Apps, App Store page.
WordZinga! is an intuitive, simple, and addictive word game.
Players are challenged to solve puzzles by providing missing letters to complete known words.
Here are a few examples. First, an easy one:
name a 5 letter word that starts with 'ST'.
Stick, stuck, and steps are all acceptable answers and you only need to provide one!
Sound too easy? Well, not so fast!
How about naming a 6 letter word that ends with 'AI'
or a 10 letter word that has 'DL' as the 5th and 6th letters?
There are over 20 solutions to each of these.
WordZinga! is jam-packed with over 30,000 puzzles and a huge dictionary.
If you already love the challenge of word games and crosswords, give WordZinga! a try.
This word game is completely accessible using VoiceOver.
The spaces where letters can be entered are unlabled buttons, but only until a letter is entered. The letters that are already provided are dimmed.
These buttons and letters run from left to right just above the keyboard.
The keyboard is laid out alphabetically rather than the usual QWERTY method.
When a word has been filled in, tap the WordZinga! button, located under the keyboard in the left-hand corner.
There is a clear button in the right-hand corner. This button erases all the letters except those that are dimmed.

Robo-E by MPaja software, App Store page.
Robo-E is in charge of cleaning up the galaxy from toxic waste.
But he needs your help as his positronic brain is confused after a nearby supernova went off.
You must guide Robo-E in pushing all the red waste balls on top of the yellow energy rings to activate their transfer to hyperspace.
Robo-E brings you the classic game of Sokoban with beautiful graphics and and intuitive UI.
Includes hundreds of built in levels.
Sokoban originally was a Japanese puzzle that involved moving boxes around a room.
Without planning several moves in advance you could easily box yourself in.
Robo-E is a spin on this classic puzzle with a Sci-Fi theme.
You play on a grid with walls, Robo-E, your character, balls and energy rings.
Different levels have different layouts like a 5 by 5 grid, 6 by 6, etc.
You can have more than one ball at a time. you push the balls in the empty spaces and finally into the energy rings.
Robo-E is playable with Voice Over, so for the ultimate challenge activate Voice Over from the device settings and play blindfolded, trusting only your touch and ears.
The three finger swipe to move only works if the user has VoiceOver on.
On the very first level you are above the ball in the starting position. The energy ring is below the ball. So you just need to swipe down. :)
Both you and the ball are blocked by the walls.
Once a ball is in an energy ring, you can't move over it.
Often you in fact need to push a ball away from an energy ring temporarily in order to get access to another ball.
Or sometimes a ball sits on an energy ring already at the beginning of a level,
but must be moved away, temporarily, to end up on another energy ring.
Only in the end all the energy rings need to be occupied to complete the level.
Once a ball is against a wall it can not be moved off it, but can be moved along it.
So if a ball and energy ring are on the same wall, only that ball can go in that energy ring, even if there is another ball closer to the ring.
If you move a ball to the corner, there is no way to get it out from there, except by undoing the move.
Even though the rules are simple, the locations of the walls, balls and rings make the game almost as complicated as chess.
This type of puzzle is very challenging, and your success like in a chess game, will depend on how many moves ahead you can store in your mind.
version 1.5 added new sounds and support for Game Center. And Translations to Finnish, French, Italian, Portuguese, German & Swedish.
There is now a different sound for moving one square, going over multiple squares, pushing the ball, pushing the ball over ring, trying to push a ball that cannot move, and bumping into walls.
Game Center support is also there for high-score tracking.
Someone made a suggestion turning Vertical Navigation on
When the rotor is set to this option, the user experiences control of VoiceOver which is similar to using arrow keys on a desktop computer.
Flicking up/down moves the user up/down, while flicking left/right continues to move the user horizontally.
This feature will be especially helpful to those who frequently navigate with VoiceOver via a connected BluTooth keyboard, as well as in grid-based games or table layouts.

Smack Me Lite By FunMobility, App Store page.
This is the free version of Smack Me!
It contains the first level from the full version, this should give you a taste for the real game.
Play SmackMe! the addictive new iPhone musical reflex game!
See if you can keep pace through a series of progressively challenging levels. Can you make it to 100%?
"Smack Me is hosted by a loveable robot character named Ito.
Ito likes to see you sweat! Ito gives you plenty of time to respond in early rounds then gets faster and faster.
When he drinks his milkshake you better shake him. When he raises his lobster pinchers, you better pinch him.
SmackMe! Uses the iPhone’s multi-touch and accelerometer for a unique gaming experience not possible on the Nintendo DS, Microsoft Xbox or Sony Playstation.
Play with the retro soundtrack live, or use your headsets.
BEAT YOUR FRIENDS. Share with friends to see who can achieve the high score.
Play with no sound, Flip that mute button and watch Ito's commands.
Play without looking, listen to Ito's commands and react quickly.
People who enjoyed Tap Tap, DDR, Bop It will love Smack Me
Smack Me demo on Main Menu
July 31, 2010, Darren Duff

demonstrates this iPhone/iPod Touch app that is basically a Bopit game. There is a light version for free and a more fully featured version for $0.99.

Wordundrum by BitWacky, App Store page.
Wordundrum is a word game for both novice and experienced puzzlers!
Each board is a mix of letters and blank tiles. Your job is to place letters in the blank tiles until every line spells a real word both down and across.
A check button lets you know if you're on the right track.
Solve puzzles without using the check button and be rewarded with bonus points.
Compare your score with how your friends are doing. Can you master the guru or insane levels without using a single check?
The free app includes 6 training boards to get your feet wet, then 12 challenging levels to test your puzzling skills.
Over a hundred more levels are available for purchase, with new levels coming in future updates.

SixthSense by TeamHN, App Store page.
SixthSense Version 1.1.
SixthSense, All 3D sound horror shooting game!
Developer: Hyun Soo KIM
In the dark, You can hear only the ghostly footsteps of zombies approaching, gun firings against zombies And their screams.
You'll be as scared as having a real zombie right next to you in first-person.
Voice over available for blind, you don't need a vision to experience this whole new world.
Its 3D surround sound provides you with maximum reality and fear!
Enjoy the thrilling zombie sounds and queer surroundings of caves and forrest.
Ranking system : Get a higher score than your friends!
Various zombies , there are 10 different zombies!
Beat the boss zombie.
Various items - 10 items! Use guns, grenades and armors for upclose fights!
What's New in Version 1.1
- Buy All weapons for $0.99!!!
- All Items Discount Sale!
How to play
1. Player eliminates zombies by firing, by swiping towards them from 5 directions, 9 o'clock, 10:30 o'clock, 12 o'clock, 1:30 o'clock, 3 o'clock.
2. For each start, for each wave, you'll meet a girl who needs help. All you need to do with the girl is not shoot her and she kisses you and restores your health.
3. When an animal zombie approaches you, you need to scare them off by shaking your iPhone.
You can hit the zombie's head when their breathing pauses.
You can get a higher score and gold for headshots.
You can send coins to your friends every 12 hours.
1. You need a headset to play this game.
2. A noisy place is not appropriate for good game play.
Extra charges might be added to your iTunes account when you purchase extra items.
You can decide whether to purchase items in the application store.
Top In-App Purchases,
All Weapons $0.99,
10 coins $0.99,
50,000 Gold $1.99,
55 coins $0.99,
750 coins $7.99,
500,000 Gold $9.99,
120 coins $1.99,
100,000 Gold $2.99.

King's Corner by Bitpress, LLC, App Store page.
Move over Solitaire, there's a new king of card games! King's Corner, also known as Kings in the Corner, Version 2.0.1, has arrived for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.
This addictive multiplayer card game is as challenging as it is fun, with a custom AI that never misses a move.
You'll quickly get sucked in by the rich gameplay, stunning animations, and gorgeous design that's miles ahead of most iOS card games.
It's also fully compatible with VoiceOver, so players with limited or no vision are always welcome.
Please note that while some other apps out there claim to be King's Corner, our app follows the traditional rules and is a very different game from the one that is widely available.
King's Corner uses the same basic rules as games like Solitaire, cards are placed in descending order and in alternating colors. A red 9 can be played on a black 10, or a black ace can be placed on a red 2.
The deck is set up with 8 spaces around the deck; four king spaces (marked with a K) and four unmarked spaces.
You'll get a new card at the beginning of every turn, and the goal of the game is to get rid of your cards first by making as many of the following types of moves as possible:
Add a card to any existing stack
Move a card or stack in one unmarked space to the bottom of any other card or stack. King stacks don't move, since there's nothing higher than a King.
Start a new stack if there's an empty space on the table. Only kings can start the corner stacks, but any other card can start a stack in one of the four unmarked spots.
What's New in Version 2.0.1
Version 2.0.1 fixes several accessibility issues.
New in version 2.0:
Completely redesigned exclusively for iOS 7, King's Corner 2 features an all-new pass & play game mode,
improved online gameplay, additional achievements and statistics, and an entirely new look and feel.

Lost Cities by TheCodingMonkeys.
Lost Cities Version: 1.20.
Reiner Knizia takes you on a journey to undiscovered countries and mythical places.
Compete against a friend, a stranger or one of 4 different computer players, in a two player Solitaire with an extra portion of suspense.
Lost Cities is a card game played by two players. The objective of the game is to mount profitable expeditions to one or more of the five lost cities,
the Himalayas, white, the Brazilian Rain Forest, green, the Desert Sands, yellow,
the Ancient Volcanos, red and Neptune's Realm, blue.
You have five lanes, - red, blue, yellow, green and white. You have to place cards into those lanes.
However, these lanes start at negative value points so you have to build them up. It's basically a game that ends when the draw stack of cards is empty.
online matches against game center friends or strangers
4 different AI players with distinct skill levels and play styles
voice acted interactive tutorial and comprehensive rules
beautiful full-length atmospheric soundtrack
a plethora of single- and multiplayer achievements
fully playable via VoiceOver
costs $3.99
Audio Tutorial for TheCodingMonkeys Lost Cities game.
Audio rules for the Lost Cities card game.

Megafauna Word Search + by Sarah Pierce, App Store page.

Word Search plus is a game where you search for words in a grid of letters.

Clickable word lists let you easily learn more about the words you are searching for.

Learn about dog breeds, food, wine, books, films, art, science, sports, history, geography, and more!

Word lists were created by a person, not by a computer, to make sure your word list is always interesting and fun.

A clever word hiding algorithm means the words are hidden in a new and interesting way each time you play.

Free version comes with 16 categories, including a massive SAT Vocabulary category with more than 4000 words.

100 categories are available with a paid $2.99 upgrade.

Five puzzle sizes on iPad, three on iPhone

Tracks your record times

Includes an SAT Vocabulary category with 4000+ words

Stats area. Click "Stats" from the main menu to see a summary of your records and averages.

No timer option. You can now turn off the timer if you prefer to play untimed. Go to "Options" then "More" to play to find this setting.

No links option. You can now turn off the links at the bottom of the screen. This is a great setting for those who accidentally click the links.

The letters in the grid are accessible for the blind. But there is currently no audio feedback on your success or failure. She is planning to get it to work with voice over in the next update.

Zombies, Run by Adrian Hon of Six to Start's.
Zombies, Run written by award-winning novelist Naomi Alderman.

You tie your shoes, put on your headphones, take your first steps outside. You’ve barely covered 100 yards when you hear them. They must be close. You can hear every guttural breath, every rattling groan - they’re everywhere. Zombies. There’s only one thing you can do: Run!
You’re Runner 5. Hundreds of lives are counting on you. You've got to help your base rebuild from the ruins of civilization by collecting critical supplies while avoiding roving zombie hordes. Can you save them and learn the truth about the zombie apocalypse?

Automatically collect crucial items for your base as you run, plus artefacts, notes, voice recordings, and more
Use the items you've collected to develop your base and help your surviving population thrive. With a bigger base comes more missions and some unexpected surprises.
Running Game & Audio Adventure
Zombies, Run! is an ultra-immersive running game for the iPhone, iPod Touch, Android and Windows Phone. We deliver the story straight to your headphones through orders and voice recordings - and back home, you can build and grow your base with the items you've collected.

Run Anywhere
Zombies, Run! works anywhere and at any speed. You can jog in a park, run along a beach, or walk along a trail, even on treadmills!

Keep the survivors alive
You automatically collect items like medicine, batteries, first aid kits, baseball bats, underwear and ammo while running - but when you're back home, who needs them more: the soldiers or the doctors? Which buildings need extra defenses? It’s up to you - and the bigger your base, the more missions you can play.
Where did the zombies come from? What are the leaders of your base planning? There’s a deeper mystery to be uncovered, puzzles to be solved, websites to be discovered, documents to be viewed so you can learn the truth of what’s happened to the world.

Choose your own custom playlists before you start running: the story unfolds in between your tracks through a series of dynamic radio messages and voice recordings.
With 30 missions and over 40 runs worth of gameplay, you become the hero in an epic story of humanity’s struggle for survival where your running really matters - and there’s a deeper mystery to be uncovered as well.

Better Fitness Through Science
Coming Soon: Zombies, Run! records the distance, time, pace, and calories burned of all your runs, and we're planning RunKeeper integration. You can also hear audio notifications for time, distance, and pace during your run.

Using voice over, a blind person has played the first few levels of Zombies Run! He can't figure out how to assign the supplies he has recovered or how to build the hospital.
it is currently not possible to assign supplies or put up buildings, I know that at least two people have contacted the developers, and they said that a solution was being worked on, but it could be a few months before it was released.
Christina wrote You can now assign your own supplies by creating a zombielink account online
You then log into your account via the settings menu in the Zombies Run app on your phone.
This way, you can assign supplies on your computer and will update your app.
The website is accessible; I had no problem assigning supplies.
alex wrote Another way is to extract the audio files from the app, and listen to them on the computer as they are ordinary mp3s.
yes I know its cheating, but why should I have to wait for the developers to take there time getting the app accessible.
I mostly got the app for the story anyway, not for the fitness element.
Amy wrote, But really, running away from zombies with this app is probably the most exciting workout ever. It’s incredibly immersive, and the stoyline feels like a novel. Last workout, my helicopter crash landed outside of the base because a mysterious force shot it down with an RPG, and I was out in the middle of the desert with all these flesh eating zombies, and then this radio tower guy (with a REALLY attractive voice) contacted me and made me run through a hospital, where his old flame turned out to be, ha, ha, no. I refuse to spoil the storyline. It’s too amazing. Also, everyone has British accents! I secretly bought the game for that reason alone. The zombies were a bonus.

Requires iOS 5 or above. Works on iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, and iPod Touch 3rd gen and 4th gen.
Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.
Accelerometer mode can dramatically decrease battery life.
$7.99 US   

Rated 12+ for the following:
Frequent/Intense Horror/Fear Themes
Infrequent/Mild Profanity or Crude Humor
Infrequent/Mild Alcohol, Tobacco, or Drug Use or References
Infrequent/Mild Sexual Content or Nudity
Frequent/Intense Realistic Violence

Worder by Peter Damen, App Store page.
Worder is a challenging anagram word game which tests your ability to find words within a set of nine letters.
Worder requires no internet connection and is great for plane flights, commuting on subways and remote travel destinations.
The object of the game is to make as many words as possible, and find the one word using all nine letters too.
Worder has no timers, explosions or music, just sit down for a relaxing game of Worder, playing at your own pace.
Worder includes many game options, including a "Shared Letter" mode where all words should include the highlighted letter, or standard mode that allows you to use all letters.
The minimum word length for a game can also be selected, which can limit the number of words that need to be found.
Worder also includes 6 difficulty levels, so that Worder can cater for those who are intimidated by games with large word sets,
to those people who are word game experts. Level 6 includes all words, where lower levels include a subset of the entire word list,
based on how commonly words are used in everyday language and text.
You can challenge your friends by sending your current game for them to play. See if they can beat your score.

HearStrike by MDV Ingegneria Elettronica, App Store page.
The goal of the game is to shoot the target more accurately and quickly as your shooter skills get better.
Keep your device horizzontally in front of you, plug in the headphones and tilted it to the left, right, back and forward in order to center the target.
Once you hear it in the center and quite loud and close to you, just touch the screen with a finger to shoot.
The target must be centered both horizzontally and vertically by moving the device.
The horizontal shift of the target sound is done by tilting the iPhone to the left or right,
the vertical shift is done b tilting the iPhone up or down.
The volume of the target sound shows you how far away the target is from you on the vertical.
There are several targets with different sizes. The smaller they are, the harder it is to get a high score.
The score system will tell how close you have been, by ow many points from 1 up to 100.
You reload your weapon by shaking the phone. It has 3 bullets,
and you have to hit 5 targets in order to complete a game.
During the multiplayer mode, it doesn't matter how precise you are, Just try to be quicker than your opponent.
The first who reaches 11 hits, wins the match.
The target sound is quite low at some tilts, because it indicates the distance from you, the shooter, to the target.
The closer you get to the target, the louder it becomes.
Hold the phone horizontally, with the Home key to your left and keep the phone with its screen facing you, as if it were a knife.
The adjustments you have to do in order to play are really very very small. Just move the device a little bit and hear how the sound reacts.
To get 100 points in the very hard level requires the steadiness of a surgeon's hand.

BlindSide - The Audio Adventure Game by Epicycle, Aaron Rasmussen and Michael T. Astolfi.
You play as Case, an assistant professor who wakes up blind, to find his city destroyed and mysterious creatures devouring people.
Will you and your girlfriend be able to find your way without sight? How will you escape? Run for your life, save the girl, and uncover the mystery of the apocalypse--all in the dark!
BlindSide throws you into a fully-immersive 3d audio adventure set in a world you’ll never see.
Put on headphones, hold your iPhone, and face the direction you want to go. Listen as the world rotates around you and explore the darkness.
The gyros in your device will point your avatar the same direction you're facing in the real world.
Over 1000 sound effects and pieces of dialogue.
Gyroscope-enabled virtual reality.
-Custom audio algorithms turns your stereo headphones into surround sound.

Accessible for blind and sighted users alike
For iPhone4S, iPad2, and iPad3 only
The controls are as follows:
press the top of the screen to walk forward one step.
Hold a finger down to keep running.
Press the middle part of the screen once to get some tips on what to do,
press the middle part of the screen one more time to get your direction and to know where the object you're searching for is,
and press the middle part of the screen a third time to stop the speech.
Rotate yourself left or right to turn the character around in the game.
The rotating feature works very well when stinning in an office chair which can turn around.

Blindshoot by WorstWeb Studio.
Catch the asteroids which are coming towards you!
Your goal is to save your planet with an invulnerable spaceship.
The game is for blind people, so during the game, the screen will be black.
It's basically like simon or blind memory.
You hold the phone in land scape. the aim of the game is to collect asteroids. You do this by listening for the tones.
So a high tone you touch the left side of the screen when it's in landscape, middle tone is the middle of the screen, low tone is the right side of the screen.
You have to get 20 asteroids before you can advance to the next level.
Level one is quite slow but it does get faster.
every time you start you have to start from level one.

Naval Combat by Mind recursion.
The classic guessing game Battleships for iPhone and iPod touch.
The game was designed to be used on the go: Challenge your friends, find opponents online, or play against the computer.
Now you can fight battles like Admiral Nelson back in the old days!
Play against your friends over Bluetooth or WiFi
Challenge your friends over the Internet
Find new opponents online in no time
Put your skills to test against the computer at three levels of difficulty
theme selection includes a pirate theme.
Sounds are enabled in VoiceOver.

Domino Train by Steven Melzer, App Store page.
Domino Train is a fun and addictive version of Mexican Train, Dominoes for the iPhone.
Featuring quality graphics, animation and sounds, Domino Train is enjoyable for player of all ages.
The game is available in English and Spanish and contains many options including
either 12-12 or 15-15 dominoes.
The game can be played with 1 to 4 players on the same iPhone.
Now with VoiceOver support.

Pah. A crazy voice-controlled game by Labgoo and Yosi Taguri.
Pah version 1.2, a classic sidescroller for iOS, with one big twist.
Your goal is to destroy the asteroids before they destroy you.
It’s the first full game in the iPhone App Store to be activated by voice only.
Although it’s a touch screen device - touching the screen won’t do anything.
To play the game you use your voice in two ways.
Say Aah to move the spaceship up and down by changing your volume.
Shout Pah! to shoot.
There is no audio indication of where the asteroids are, so the game is not totally accessible for the blind.

AI Adventure by Adam Freeman, App Store page.
iPhone and iPad version of the interactive fiction game Colossal Cave Adventure with a new twist.
Instead of typing in your commands and reading back from the console,
you talk with a 3D Avatar Stuyven Spelunker.
He uses speech recognition to recognize your commands and then describes to you the environment.

Roll it by Andy Abgottspon.
classic Yahtzee game for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, version 1.0.2.
Look forward to hours of fun with this highly addictive dice game.
Shake to roll the dice
Multiplayer: Play your friends over bluetooth or with up to 5 players in Pass ‘n’ Play mode
Highscore history
Resume interrupted games at any time
Help section with rules and tips
Game Center integration
Available in English, German, French, Italian, Polish, Czech and Swedish
Fully accessible via VoiceOver.
In this implementation of Yahtzee, you earn the sum of all dice when scoring Three-/Four-Of-A-Kind.
I'm aware that there are local differences on how the game is played, so please don't report that behavior as a bug.

SilverSword - A fantasy role-playing game in the style of The Bard's Tale by Mario J. Gaida.
SilverSword uses a d20 system similar to the old Dungeons & Dragons Pen and Paper RPG.
The lower the AC (Armour Class), the better your chances of avoiding that fierce poisoned blade your enemy swings at you.
The interface is adapted to the needs of a mobile user.
All can be done with touches, gestures and the built-in keyboard.
Let’s start a fantasy world inside your pocket!
Use your skills, use your items, and use your spells to explore maps full of enemies, riddles and traps.
SilverSword will bring back the desire for solving puzzles.
Do you remember what desperately sought-after magic word had driven you insane a long time ago in your favourite CRPG?
As for me, I know it, and this game will give you lots of them!
SilverSword is a game about strategy, magic and imagination.

Dimensions by RJDJ.
Dimensions is a sonic adventure game, designed to enhance reality rather than distract from it.
Dimensions stimulates your brain through augmented sound in order to make you receptive to multiple dimensions of reality.
Your mission as a Dimensionaut is to explore the Multiverse, infiltrate new and unknown dimensions, collect Artifacts and protect yourselves from the Nephilim.
Dimensions isn’t played on the touchscreen of your device, it is played in your real life.
The app makes use of every possible sensor on the iPhone and intertwines game play deeply into your daily life experience which adjusts to your environment and actions.
For example, some dimensions unlock if you are active and others unlock if you are quiet.
The app automatically detects what you are doing and syncs the game to it.
You stay immersed in the game by listening to augmented sound and the voice of Emily from Mission Control. This way you can live your life and play the game.
It is usable for the blind with VoiceOver but some of the buttons are not labeled.

Inception The App, Experience your life as a dream by RjDj.
This app is a dream machine that transforms the world around you into a dreamworld. It uses augmented sound to induce dreams through the headset of your iPhone and iPod Touch.
It will change your perception of reality.
Inception The App transports Inception The Movie straight into your life. New dreams can be unlocked in many ways,
for example by walking, being in a quiet room, while traveling or when the sun shines.
You will get realtime musical experiences, featuring new and exclusive music from the Inception soundtrack composed by Hans Zimmer.

Classic DOS De Steno games by Richard De Steno and Litchie's Fast Intelligence.
A game pack of six classic DOS games developed by Richard L. De Steno.
1. Atlantic City Blackjack. This game of blackjack is played by the rules set by the NJ Casino Commission.
2. Casino: This game has a selection of four games which are blackjack, slot machine, flash poker, and minibaccart.
3. Dodge City Desperados. You are the sheriff of the wild west town of Dodge City. Your mission, take out the Desperado Brothers before they take you out.
4. Destination Mars. In this game you will be taking a 35 million mile trip from the Earth to Mars, but it won't be easy. You will encounter different obstacles on this journey. Good luck space pilot
5. Run for President. Ever wanted to be president? Well, in this game you are a candidate running around the United States on a Monopoly style board in a bid to beat the computer and become president of the United States of America.
6. Sounds Like. In this word game, you must try to figure out the hidden word from the clues that are given.
I didn’t realize that a blind person can enjoy the iPhone as much as sighted people.
Then our world crossed when Michael Barnes came forward and proposed an app idea to port some classic text games on iPhone.
We talked and I listened to him using his iPhone with Voice Over. I never used this feature before, and suddenly I think it is the best feature on the phone.
iOS SDK doesn’t provide direct Text-To-Speech APIs,
it was a bit of challenge using only the UIKit accessibility functions.
I also tried to use a free TTS engine, but was unable to make it sound better than the built-in one.
After some investigation, I figured out a way (or a hack, worked well most of the time) to use Voice Over to speak out text changes on the screen automatically,
and I thought it is fairly usable for text games.

I never played these games before, but Michael had fond memories of them. If you are interested, you can get it in the App Store for free.

Audiorun by Alexander Shen.
Audiorun version 1.0.
Can you traverse the rooftops of the city with nothing but your sense of hearing?
This game has been designed in such a way that the visually impaired can also enjoy it.
In a tribute to distance games like Canabalt and Tobe's Great Escape, Audiorun has been created to capture the same feeling of leaping from rooftop to rooftop but with nothing but audio.
This game provides a completely new sensory experience and thus is best experienced through headphones.
The key thing to remember is: you can only successfully jump when all other sounds (footsteps and city) have faded away.
You jump by tuching the screen.
Any other time than that you'll find yourself splatted.

He is busy collecting feedback and making the next v1.1 better.

Hadean Lands: Interactive Alchemical Fiction by Zarfhome Software Consulting and Andrew Plotkin, on the App Store.
Marooned in an alien, airless wasteland, your starship fractured, your crewmates missing.
Can an apprentice alchemist learn how to survive?
Hadean Lands is interactive fiction, a classic text adventure. No graphics! No menus! No point-and-click!
You type your commands, and read what happens next.
This is the most complex puzzle structure Andrew Plotkin has ever designed. It’s the culmination of four years of work.
He launched Hadean Lands as a Kickstarter project in 2010; it was a runaway success. Now it’s ready for you to play.
Hadean Lands Walkthrough by Steve Metzler.
- Fluid interface designed for comfortable typing and reading.
- Full-length puzzle adventure with interlocking alchemical challenges.
- Pop-up palette of commonly used commands.
- Built-in game map tap to go directly to any explored room.
- Journal tab records all the recipes and rituals that you’ve discovered.
- Full support for VoiceOver (speech output) and dictation (speech input) on devices that offer these features.

Meanwhile interactive comic by Andrew Plotkin and Jason Shiga.
On the way home from the ice cream store, little Jimmy discovers a mad scientist’s wonderland:
an experimental mind-reading helmet, a time machine, and a doomsday device that can annihilate the human race.
Which one would you like to test out first?
MEANWHILE is not an ordinary comic. YOU make the choices that determine how the story unfolds.
MEANWHILE splits off into thousands of different adventures. Most will end in DOOM and DISASTER. Only one path will lead you to happiness and success.
- A thrilling adventure of quantum physics, self-discovery, and kids getting into trouble. (
We mentioned the doomsday device, right?)
- Completely redesigned by the author for an infinite scrollable canvas.
- Full audio accessibility with VoiceOver; every panel and choice can be spoken.
This can be played on the iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch.

King of Dragon Pass by A Sharp and David Dunham.
King of Dragon Pass, Version 2.0.3.
A storytelling strategy game, an app for iPhone and iPod touch.
This acclaimed game of magical storytelling blends interactive stories and resource management into an epic saga of conflict, mythology, and community.
King of Dragon Pass is set in Glorantha (the world of the games HeroQuest and RuneQuest).
It's immensely replayable, thanks to nearly 500 interactive scenes and two objectives.
Short episodes and automatic saving mean you can play even when you only have a minute or two.
The built-in saga writes down the story for you. And advisors with distinctive personalities help you track your cows.
It's impossible to describe the emotional tug you feel when an old and trusted advisor, who you've watched grow from a young upstart, dies of old age.
Or when an exploration team disappears into the wilds, never to be heard from again.
Or when a cursed clansman, shunned by his peers, sacrifices himself to stop a raid.
The developer has been fantastic in regards to accessibility.
VoiceOver reads all page elements.
All buttons are clearly labelled.
The app is fully accessible with VoiceOver and is easy to navigate and use.

Hanging With Friends by Zynga.
Hanging With Friends.
a social mobile version of the word game Hangman for iPhone and iPod Touch.
Hanging With Friends challenges players to take turns creating and guessing words to stump, amuse and impress friends.
Players choose their avatar from a line-up of delightfully colorful characters and then join their opponents in a hilarious race to see who can hang on the longest.
Guess correctly and survive to play another round. Miss a word, and its one step closer to the end!
Players can also grasp at strategic lifelines that offer crucial hints and watch instant replays that provide a glimpse into their opponent's tactics.
Players move at their own pace, and up to 20 simultaneous games can be enjoyed at the same time.
Push notifications alert players when it's their turn and in-game chat messaging invites some serious smack talk.
And if a player's own friends leave them hanging, the random opponent feature will instantly find new challengers.

Shredder by Eiko Bleicher
Shredder, a Chess Application.
Shredder, the most successful chess program ever, is now also available for the iPad. You can play against Shredder, analyze with him and solve chess puzzles. It offers the usual Shredder standard on your iPad.

In addition to the outstanding playing strength of the 12 times computer chess world champion, Shredder is also able to mimic the play of a human chess player with any playing strength. He even deliberately makes typical human mistakes in those levels.

Solve 1000 built in chess puzzles. Shredder keeps track of your performance and offers advice if needed.

You can adjust Shredder´s playing strength from beginner to master level. If you like, Shredder automatically adjusts his strength to yours. He even calculates an Elo rating for you. This is how the playing strength of chess players is typically measured.

During the game a coach is watching your moves and warns you if you are about to make a mistake.

See how you are getting better and better the more games you play and the more chess puzzles you solve.

Adjustable playing strength
Intuitive and very easy to operate
1000 built in chess puzzles
Watch your rating improve in a diagram
Outstanding playing strength on the iPad
Analyse your games with Shredder, find your mistakes and improve your play
Coach shows your mistakes
Different playing styles from passive to aggressive
Great variety: browsable opening book with more than one million moves
Access 1200 GB of endgame databases online
Enter and analyze any position you like
Load and save games (incl. names, date, etc.)
Send games via email
Different chess boards and pieces
VoiceOver / Accessibility support
Improve your play whenever and wherever you like

Shredder is available in three flavors:
Shredder Lite (free)
Shredder Chess ($7.99)
Shredder Chess for iPad ($7.99)

Ping Pong by LOLriffic Stuff.
Start up a game of ping pong table tennis, get ready to hear your audience applause and begin the awesome action of playing in one of your own paddle ball sports tournaments!
Everything is unique when playing ping pong with this free app, there's no need to look at the screen as the entire experience is auditory.
Listen as your serve flies across the ping pong table and your enemy opponent hits it back to you. You'll hear the ball flying towards you in which you can swing to the left or right and serve it back.
Depending on how good your enemy opponent is, you'll play an intense game of tourney based ping pong for a few rounds before either your expert and health wise arm or your opponent's gives way and misses the ball.
Hear the chant and applause of your sport audience from the cheer stands clap for your successes and boo you in your misses and failures.
But fear not! The more you play, the better you'll get at beating your ping pong player opponents.
Do you think you have what it takes to play?
Challenge your heart and sport skills in this live action and sound based game revolving around your ping pong ball and the AI ping pong player computer!
Visually nothing happens on the screen except for a logo displayed on the screen and a caption that says “Swing to Serve then hit the ball when you hear it come back”.
No score is displayed.
You play the game by swinging your iDevice as though you were playing a game of table tennis (Ping Pong).
When you first start the app you hear applause and when it dies it is time to serve. When you swing your iDevice it will vibrate and make a swishing noise as the paddle (the iDevice) moves through the air.
When you hit a ball it makes the knock sound and the game continues until you or your opponent loses.

Accessible minesweeper by Tyflos.
Accessible minesweeper for iPhone and iPad.
A game of strategy whose aim is to clear the minefield without detonating a bomb.
In order to win the game you need to guess where the bombs are.
Jonathan Chacón is the first blind developer to publish an application in the appStore.
His wife drew the pictures.
It is compatible with voiceOver so  blind users can play the game.
Also includes features that will allow deaf  and people with hand and or mobility problems  to play the game.
Supports english and spanish languages.

Stem Stumper by Ananse Productions, Games For the Rest of Us.

Stem Stumper, a blind-accessible puzzle game
for the iPhone and iPod Touch.
A dynamic layered soundtrack to guide Mimea the vine
through 110 brain-teasing levels.
Use sling shots, sprinklers and Angry Acorns
to open paths for her to go.
Use the right combination to rack up points and prove once and for all you are smarter than a 6th grader.
The inaugaral game of Ananse Productions, Stem Stumper is built from the ground up to be enjoyed by both the iPhone's burgeoning blind community and fully sighted players around the world.

Stem Stumper is fully integrated with VoiceOver, Apple's builtin screen reader for iOS devices and and Talkback for Android.
If you think you can solve our puzzles with a blindfold on, we're including a sound only "sonar" mode.
While this might be Ananse Productions first project, members of Ananse´s team have already worked on several successful projects.
Kwasi Mensah, lead developer and programmer has worked on games as varied as Green Day: Rock Band, Borderlands and Mass Effect: Pinnacle Station.
Jennifer Kanis, our lead artist, has worked on tihe iPhone games in the Curious George franchise for FableVision.
Dawn-Marie Dunn, our Audio guru, has been involved in gaming for more than ten years and music for more than twenty composing original audio for Flash projects and sound effects for websites.
Fully integrated with VoiceOver and Talkback.
10 Beautifully drawn gardens all with their own dynamic soundtrack.
110 Puzzles.
Sound only "sonar" mode
Stem Stumper, the innovative puzzle game you can play with your eyes closed is coming to Android.
On Tuesday August 9th, you'll be able to chow down and feed Mimea the vine on both iOS and Android OS 2.1 or later.
We're also releasing Stem Stumper Lite, our free version that let's you try 20 of our brain teasing levels for free before buying the full game.
The objective in Stem Stumper is to get your plant, Mimea to grow in order to reach the bag of fertilizer hidden in the level.
To do so, you'll have to bypass obstacles and destroy anything that is in her way.
Stem Stumper can be played in one of two ways.
If you are playing this game traditionally by using sight, you tap around the screen until you find what you are looking for.
The second way to play Stem Stumper is to use the audio cues only.
You can either use audio cues in normal mode or in sonar mode where the whole screen turns black.
As you tap around the screen, the audio in the game changes.
The music gets louder as you get closer to what you're suppose to be looking for.
When you finally tap the area you are looking for, an audible alarm goes off.
It's a different alarm for different objects.
Instructions are still written in text so if you are blind or having trouble seeing, you won't be able to read the instructions that tell you what to do or how to play.
You'll need someone to explain it to you. But, it seems that if you go into your iPhone settings and enable VoiceOver in the accessibility section, the instructions will be read out to you.
I'm assuming if you are sight impaired, you would have this setting already enabled.
Once this is enabled, you can play the entire game without looking,
as now, the instructions as well as all menu items will be read out loud to you.
It will even tell you every detail about the game you are playing including how much flower power you have left and what items you are tapping on.
With VoiceOver on now though, you have to double tap everything instead of just single tapping it.

Punk Pie's Aurifi.
Allows players to interact with sound in the same way video games let them interact with graphic objects: as they progress they explore a vast array of original sound components and audio effects, blending hundreds of musical phrases to create thousands of different permutations.

Only with new developments in mobile technology has this type of game become feasible. Aurifi exploits the touch and motion sensors and range of controls unique to the iPhone and iPod Touch, creating a wide range of sound-based micro-games in a way that no desktop or console-based game can duplicate.

Using headphones, players explore a sonic environment and pick up the skills needed to interact with Aurifi in a highly original manner.
They manipulate audio effects by bouncing, steering and batting them through the three-dimensional soundscape.
For example, in one micro-game, tilting the device left and right moves a sound across the stereo field and players are challenged to place it in a particular spot. It works in harmony with the background music, so that they are contributing to the overall audio environment.

Aurifi is unique among iPhone/iPod Touch games in that it can be played without users ever having to open their eyes. The in-game graphics are kept deliberately simple as they have no connection to the game itself.

It was created using music theory, digital sound design techniques and even the neuroscience of perception. It was created and produced by new game design company Punk Pie Ltd and developed by Four Door Lemon Ltd, supported by Screen Yorkshire and digital agency twentysix.

It is played entirely by means of music cues and physical responses. (

This is unlike anything you´ve played before. Aurifi´s™ heart beats to the rhythm of its unique game engine, created from scratch to provide you with an arena of the type you have not experienced before. To play Aurifi you must access parts of your brain you had forgotten existed.
Playing in the arena is a calming experience, lifting you out of the clutter of daily life, and placing you in a dream. Don´t get us wrong,  there are many challenges, but ones you will love to take.
the menu system is designed to be used EITHER by tilting or tapping the side of the screen you want, which makes menu navigation extremely quick.

On the tilt-based games, this takes a little time to get used to ,  it´s an unfamiliar control method. Just like graphical games, we purposely introduce a feature called ‘inertia´ that means that there is resistance to action ,  please don´t confuse this with lag ,  there isn´t any.

Punk Pie is an independent computer game design company based in York in the United Kingdom. The team is dedicated to creating unique concepts that stand out from the ocean of predictable titles available, and they constantly strive to create revolutionary ideas, rebelling against industry normal practice.

Realtime Audio Adventures' Soul Trapper.
An interactive audio adventure that follows the turbulent life of Kane Pryce, a 27 year-old drifter who possess a mysterious device known as the Soul Trap,
a supernaturally charged object that allows him to hunt down, capture, and send ghosts from the earthly realm to the afterlife.
Don your headphones and follow alongside Kane as he navigates a chilling maze of gangsters, ghosts, dames, and demons.
Immerse yourself in Episode One and help Kane unlock mysteries surrounding a haunted church that stirs newfound emotions and sends Kane on a perilous journey where no man has gone before.

Realtime Audio Adventures are designed to be easy to use, as easy as listening to an audio book with the addition of simple button commands made available on your touch screen.
They are all accessible using Voice Over.
Just put on your headphones, start up the game and begin by listening to the story. When it comes time to make decisions and act, you’ll be prompted by the game at the appropriate time.
Your choices and actions will determine how the story will progress.
Soul Trapper: Preview, the demo version of the critically acclaimed Soul Trapper audio adventure game, is now available for Apple iPhone and iPod touch.
In the preview version, the player is introduced to the chilling adventure with the first four of the twenty-three chapters from the full version of the game.
As the game progresses, locations become more complex, the rich cast of characters expands, and a wide variety of audio puzzles interweave seamlessly with the story,
requiring stereo perception, memorization, fast-action reflexes, and audio pattern matching to complete.

Christopher York, Blue Ox Technologies's Moxie word game.
You start with a hand of 52 letters that you go through Solitaire style.
Place each letter on the board or "Pass". If you "Pass" you can't go back to that letter.
You score points by:
Making unique words with the letters
Transforming your words into other words by adding and replacing letters. For example: "TIN" becomes "TINE" which becomes "TILE" which becomes "TILED" and so on.
Spelling special "Moxie words" for bonus points
There's no time limit and while it helps to know a lot of words, Moxie will more greatly reward those who like to think strategically.

EA Mobile's Bop-It.

BOP IT! TWIST IT! PULL IT! Get the addictive fun of the hit Hasbro handheld game on your iPhone
or iPod touch and the iPad
the commands and get ready to react ,  FAST! Start by bopping, pulling, and twisting, and unlock “Bopjects’ exclusively available on iPhone & iPod touch. Choose from 4 solo and 4 multiplayer modes. Play for fun or challenge your Facebook friends to beat your scores!

Just like the awesome Hasbro™ handheld toy, making moves is totally intuitive on iPhone & iPod touch. Use the simple Multi-Touch display controls or do an X-MOVE with the Accelerometer. Just listen for the commands and then bop, twist, pull, and more before time runs out. It´s super easy to play ,  and crazy addictive fun!

Bop-It is an iPhone version of the Hasbro toy introduced in the 90's,
that gets you to follow the instructions of tapping, pulling, and twisting objects on screen to the rhythm of the beat.

Craig Smith's Interactive Fiction Interpreter.
Frotz Interactive Fiction Interpreter
Interactive Fiction at Your Fingertips
Playing Frotz involves reading, thinking, and typing. If you just want to blow stuff up, this is not the app for you.]
Burned out on all the new-fangled graphics and dazzling eye candy on your shiny new iPhone or iPad? Nostalgic for a simpler time?
Then take advantage of those crisp high-resolution fonts to relive the glory days of the Great Underground Empire, or play any of hundreds of great works from the Interactive Fiction archive.

Frotz lets you play free works of Interactive Fiction text adventure games) on your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad.

Frotz plays titles written in the Z-Machine format. This format was invented by Infocom and was used to produce classic text adventures from the 80s such as the Zork Trilogy, Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, and Trinity.

In the past decade, text adventures have experienced a renaissance due to the efforts of a diverse Internet community of talented interactive fiction writers and fans. Many of these games are written using the same engine that powered Infocom's titles, thanks to the Inform compiler and authoring system created by Graham Nelson.
Frotz includes several built-in games, and includes a web portal for downloading new ones from the Internet.

Bright Artificial Intelligence Ltd.

Steve Jackson's Sorcery! The Shamutanti Hills for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.
Based on the best-selling Fighting Fantasy gamebook system, The Shamutanti Hills is Book One in Steve Jackson's Sorcery! series. Your epic quest will take you across the mysterious hills to the cityport of Kharé, but only if you outwit the creatures, traps and wizardry you encounter along the way.
Play as either a warrior or as a wizard. If you choose wizardry, your survival will depend on your knowledge of the Sorcery! Spell Book's darkest secrets. With many other unique features to discover, Sorcery! is a true challenge for novice and veteran adventurers alike.

Each book in the Sorcery! series is a complete adventure, you don´t need to have read a previous book to move on to the next.
The Shamutanti Hills iPhone App stays true to the original book, using Steve Jackson´s original text and John Blanche´s iconic illustrations. This highly anticipated iPhone App combines the user-friendly features of an e-book, with a new level of gamebook excitement.
Fighting Fantasy fans will love the classic story and original illustrations with a technological twist; No more dice, pencils, or bookmarks. All the special features are built in!
Tap the on-screen buttons to flip pages
Save and resume adventure
Audio spot effects
Dice roll with or without motion sensor
Unique Spell Casting ability, exclusive to the Sorcery! series

Blind Cool Tech has reviews of some iPhone games.
8/25/2010 Raul Gallegos

spends a restless evening playing three accessible iPhone games. Moxie is a wordbuilding game, Beep Beep is a Simon Says style game, and Zany Touch is a Bop It type game.

A site for vision-impaired users of Apple's iOS devices.

Stella's Apps For The Blind And Visually Impaired.
It has been said that technology has made the world smaller, but for the blind or those with poor vision, iDevices are opening up a whole new world.
This AppList highlights some of the most innovative and entertaining apps available to the vision impaired.
Now, with the aid of an iPhone, the blind can virtually see color, light, paper money and much more.
Be on the lookout for our AppList: Entertainment Apps For The Visually Impaired.

The following games use Voice Over to speak games:

List of iPhone games.

if you go there and click games you will see some of the games that are already accessible to a large degree.

Accessible Devices - Podcast Archive.

Tutorials For Using Voice Over With Apple Products.

David Woodbridge of Vision Australia podcasts.

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