Accessible Audio Online Games and Where to Find Them!

Blind Accessible Audio Online Games, updated November 27, 2009.

The new games start here!

Paul Silva, Jeremie Spitzer, and Tim Keenan's All inPlay.
Home of All inPlay's sixth game, Blackjack, now in open beta.
They want as many people as possible to play,so it is playable free of charge.
The beta is open to everyone, regardless of whether they've signed up with All inPlay in the past.
Loco Locution.
A word game loosely based on a game show called Lingo.
You're given a mystery word to solve. All you know is the first letter.
You'll have only your wordly knowledge and Loco sounds to guide you.
TAG, the online anagram game.
An anagram is a word made from the contents of another word or phrase.
There are two ways to play TAG, a competitive race against others or a personal challenge with no time limit.

All inPlay Texas Hold'em.
An online version of the popular Texas Holdem poker game.
Online Draw Poker,
The first popular game where the blind and sighted can play together.
and online Crazy Eights.

David Greenwood's GMA Games.
Home of VIP Mud Client, version 1.0.
A Fully Accessible access to hundreds of on-line games .
Discover interesting and fantastic worlds.
Find places to make friends, or maybe enemies,
go on quests, fight monsters,
pilot a spaceship,
become a vampire, and more.
A Mud, standing for Multi-User Dungeon, is a game played by many gamers at the same time.

Damien Sadler's X-Sight Interactive.
Home of Acefire 1.3.
A turnbased shooter game between you and an online opponent.
Includes, the ability to change game sounds
Enter your name so the computer can refer to you
Computer gets a randomised name
Random names (4650 male, 7055 female and 1276 surnames)
Different sounds according to the gender
Wishes you a happy birthday, rings out at christmas, and wishes you happy easter.
Two main weapons, a gun with 10 bullets and a bullwhip, and a super weapon.
Check opponent's or your status at any point during game play.
Tells what damage was caused during an attack.
High quality music and sounds
Cheats and easter eggs
Verbal prompts by installer
Best of all: The ability to play online against a friend.
While playing online you can also send messages to each other and play sounds.

Yakir Arbib, Robbert Osztolykan, and Parham Doostdar's Lighttech Interactive.
Home of Bop It Ultimate version 1.1.
Play online on 2 different game themes including a classic version of Bop It,
and an original insane Trick Bop theme.
Connect to another gamer from anywhere across the globe and have a raging Bop It competition while the rhythm gets faster and faster!
version (1.1) of Bop It Ultimate adds several improvements:
a test speaker feature (by hitting "x") from the menus.
an option that allows you to change between desctop and laptop keyboard configurations(by hitting "k"in menus).
you can now type "myip" in the IP prompt and sapi will speak your IP + it will be pasted to your clipboard for your convenience to paste in a chat window.
and increased the IP history to 10 IP addresses.
Features Include:
" Online one on one gameplay against a partner!
" 16 cool rhythms to unlock as you play!
" Play the game on 3 themes: Bop, Trick Bop, and 1on1.
" two different game modes: BeatBop, and VoxBop.
" unlockable Ping - pong bonus game!
" 3 voice settings to choose from.
and the ability to send your score to the Lighttech Interactive score server

Jean-Luc Pontico's Sound RTS.
A Sound Real Time Strategy online audio game, 1.0 beta 9 version.
Inspired by Warcraft,a fantasy battle game.
You are the general of an army, commanding peasants, foot soldiers, knights, archers, catapults, mages, and dragons against enemy forces.
you can play alone, or in a multiplayer online game.

this game is a free beta and is not recommended to people under 13.
Some pygame examples for audiogame programming.

Che Martin's Blind Adrenaline Simulations.
Home of Blackjack Burnout, an on-line card game.
You set a round time limit when you create your table, say 5 minutes for example.
Each player puts up an entry fee determined by the table creator, which goes into a pot that is split by the top finishers of the burnout.
When the round time limit is up, the player with the lowest amount of chips is out of the game.
This leads to some very interesting money management strategy.
Do you play it safe and hope the other players lose money, or go for it and pray for good cards?
Roulette is the oldest casino game out there. The game play is extremely easy to learn, making it not only a casino classic, but also one of the most popular games out there.
In the Blind Adrenaline version, you can only bet one third ranges of numbers, either 1 to 12, 13 to 24, or 25 to 36.
These bets pay 2 to 1.
You can also play, Hearts, 5 card draw and Texas Hold Em, On-Line card games for the blind,
You can create your own tables with your own rules.
Sit and go style play for Texas hold em.
These are like mini tournaments, where everyone puts an entry fee into the pot and the top three finishers split up the entry money.
Play hearts against bots called monkies that you can summon to your hearts table.
You can play a private game, Select the folks you want, set the table to private, and your friends will be sent an email letting them know a seat awaits them.
System for head to head single or double elimination tournaments for real prizes.
The games are $3.95 a month.
Rail Racer, version 1.5.
A futuristic online racing simulation for the visually impaired.
You race against an artificially intelligent racer named Art and have jump jets to get you over hurdles.
The 1.4 update includes a new item you can purchase for your racer called the nitro burner, which gives you ten seconds of nitro boost to use as you like.
Also, you can now use the shift a command to find out what your jump altitude was on your last jump, helping greatly to make your jumps more accurate.
The release 1.3, allows players to race in MP mode without using up nitros from their inventory,
and adjusts the keyboard sensitivity to make leaning more responsive.
There are two new sounds in version 1.1, one is to indicate when you pass 150 MPH, to help with force fields and nitro timing.
The other sound will be heard when you reach maximum RPM, indicating when you should shift up.
Your Rail Racer can be controlled with a combination of the mouse, keyboard and joystick.
The demo includes two tracks for you to race on, but does not allow the multiplayer racing of the full version,
nor can you post your times and money to the web.

Matthew Yarrows, Game Master for Sryth.
Home of Sryth, an online role playing adventure game.
It is a text based game and therefore it's playability by someone who is blind or visually impaired with screenreading programs is extremely straightforward.
You randomly roll your character's set of atributes such as might, mind, spirit, and so on.
You progress by finding magical items, better armour, and such.
And you encounter goblins, skeletal warriors, rats, water elementals and many other creatures.

Andrew Deren's AderSoftware.
Home of 1000 A.D. the most recent web game.
It is a turn-based strategy game that requires only a web browser (IE recommended) to play the game.
There are usually 3 games being run: Standard, Deathmatch and Test.
The Standard is the most popular and around 500 to 800 players play each reset which lasts around 4 weeks.

You can get an older version of the source code for the game from source forge. Older version of the 1000 A.D. source code.
He is currently designing a new web game, a little similar to 1000AD, that will take place in the years around 1750 to 1900.
The game will focus more on research and development instead of fighting, but battles will be bigger and better organized.

Igor and Alina Khmelevtsov's VIP Games Zone.
Home of, Super sport
There are 2 new games in this package.
1. “Beach Volleyball”
A sports game which will simulate Beach Volleyball with some restrictions.
2. “Funny bowling”
Has special rules to make it more accessible and more fun. It is not a simulator of a real bowling game. Each game has natural human voices and multiplayer features.
Lords of the galaxy 1.0.
An online economic strategy game like monopoly, with shooter and action features.
You have a space ship and move from planet to planet where you can buy and sell planets, and buy resources so your planets can earn money.
You move through meteorites and other obstacles and struggle against galaxy monsters.

In the online game you can play with a minimum of one, and a maximum of five partners.
Super football, version 1.1.
In the U.S. this game is named soccer.
Please note, the rules of Super football are not the same as the rules of the real football (soccer) game.
You can play against an opponent online.
And, Galaxy Ranger, version 1.1,
A space strategy maze game, with shooter and RPG features.
You can play with a partner online .
Super tennis, version 1.1, which you can play with a friend online.

Cara Quinn's Audio Quake Star Wars Mod .
Home of Jedi Quake, Episode 4, update 1. (The definitive edition).
a series of mods or modifications to the agrip AudioQuake game.
You can download it along with it's source code, impulse and key list, and full documentation.

Leonard and Pieter de Ruijter, Bram Duvigneau and Davy Loots's Playing in the dark.
Home of Top Speed 2.
An online racing game playing against up to 7 online computer opponents.
Support for Force Feedback steering wheels and joysticks!
Hear the cars pass you by in surround sound!
Race against up to 7 of your friends on a local network or via the internet!
Customize the game with the extensive options menu.
Built in support for add-on cars and tracks.
And best of all : it's free!
Damien Sadler's X-Sight Interactive's Topspeed cars and tracks page.
Top Speed version 1.1a a racing game, that's just fun.
in English, German, Swedish and Dutch.

Marco Steinebach and Andrea Mackowiak's Mardy-Productions.
Home of Mississippi.
It is an online trading simulation which starts in 1770 in the wild west of America.
Your American uncle has died and bequeaths you all his properties, so you decide to leave your home and emigrate to the new world.
You buy and sell goods, build kontors, your branch offices in several towns, build wagons, and earn money.
If you are good enough, you will become president of America.
But, as in real life, you get good and bad news, some for yourself, some for all players. E.g. you can win a lot of money, or all your wagons can not leave the Headquarters for a round.
You can play the game with 5 blind or sighted people together.
There is music, and most of the news is spoken. The game itself is not self-voicing, so you need a screen reader to play.
The game is shareware, so you can test it for yourself.
In the Demo version you can play all functions except some games in the casino for four years until 1775 when the demo ends.
In the full version you can play until 1820.
In the setup, you can select between english and german languages.

Matthew T. Atkinson and Sabahattin Gucukoglu's AGRIP.
Home of AudioQuake 0.3.0 Release Candidate 1 which is in beta.
It supports single and multiplayer game modes, online stats tracking and new high-resolution sounds courtesy of the mind grid audio Quake project.
and Accessible Quake, version 0.2.1 an accessible extension to Quake.
Accessible Games Rendering Independence Possible is making a spoken interface to Quake, one of the most popular 3D first person games.

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