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Pacman Talks is ready for you to try out!
Pacman, Version 1.1 fixes several bugs and gives you a new sound when finishing the twenty forth level of the game!
"Hey, what's that noise off to the left? Is it coming this way? I'll slow down to check it out.
Oh, no, I think it's tracking me! The low hum hum is getting closer, and then I hear the thump, thump, thump of an opening just a few blocks away!
Oh, wow I know that whispering voice, it's gotta be Clyde and I gotta run!
I'll go into cruise control and zoom around the outer ring to get away, but wait, yes! There's a super power pill that'll help me scare that ghost back to his home.
Tick tick tick tick. I hear the sound of a wall coming up, so I gotta hit that left arrow right now or I'll smash into it!
Deunhnhnhnhng, Deunhnhnhnhng, Deunhnhnhnhng, Ya! and a little off to the right is an escape tunnel! Great! Now, when Pinky is hot on my tale and thinks I'm caught, I'll sneak through and leave her way behind!
Pacman Talks takes you into a world of fast movement and suspense with rich dynamic sound effects and many wonderful and unusual voices.
This highly addictive game is as exciting as the video arcade game of the eighties.
It has all the things you want, a full audio menu with game sounds described, hot keys to tell you what's going on around you, twenty four levels and a high score standings list.
PCS Games knows you'll be captivated by our awesome multi sound game using Windows. We're sure it will bring you hours of enjoyment.
Deunhnhnhnhng, Deunhnhnhnhng! Deunhnhnhnhng,
So, download the demo, grab your ghost detector and zoom through the echoing corridors of Pacman busting ghosts.
You can download the thirty eight meg game at:


PMT101.exe is both the demonstration version and the full version.
Microsoft's Direct X version 8.0 or higher is necessary to play Pacman Talks.
It is available free from,
Once you enter your PCS issued Registration Name and Product Key, the full capabilities of the game are unlocked.
Pacman Talks Version 1.1 and how to buy it!
Available Immediately for download
Price: $15 US.
We are working with GMA games selling Pacman Talks and are using their credit card service.
You can also use the GMA on-line ordering system if you are paying with Visa or MasterCard. 

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No ghosts were hurt in the making of this game.
the GMA Games site has pmt100.exe.
Pacman Talks is a collaboration with GMA games.

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