Sarah and the Castle of Witchcraft and Wizardry

There is an intruder in the most famous Wizard castle in the land.

Late in the evening of July seven, a young female was spotted entering the Castle of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

"She looked to be about eighteen." said a staff member of the Joke Shop.
"She shopped in our store and purchased  one of our most popular items, a  Headless Hat.
Then she had a long discussion with one of the owners, and I overheard the two of them talking about a map. The next thing I knew she was gone"

Since it is mid summer, there aren't any students in the school, but I think she heard so much about the magic castle, she probably wanted to explore it.
The Caretaker of the Castle, says he may have heard an intruder in the corridors,

and tells his cat to be on the lookout.

The caretaker says he is biding his time until the headmaster is finished what he is doing.  If I find her in the castle, once I get my hands on her, I will string her up by
the ankles in my office.

Instead of reading about the intruder in a story, why don't we actually follow her around the castle?

This is what you can do in the new game from, PCS,
Sarah and the Castle of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

In the game you are Sarah, an American teenager, visiting it for the first time.

She discovers that a mischievous poltergeist picked the pockets of the students leaving for the summer holidays and sprinkled money and magical items throughout the castle.

Somewhere in the castle, she will be able to find and use wands that increase her powers,
a two-way mirror, Extendible Ears, racing brooms, a
Time Turner Necklace   , and a very expensive invisibility cloak. With all that and more, Sarah won't have to go through the corridors of the castle unprotected.

The Castle of Witchcraft and Wizardry game transports Sarah and you into a world of fantasy filled with secret passageways and hidden chambers. she explores the castle searching for
magical items, fighting creepy  creatures knowing at any minute,
disaster may strike.

So, take a trip with Sarah to the Castle of Witchcraft and Wizardry and pay
a visit to the ghost's Deathday party in the dungeon, pop into
the kitchen for a chat with the sometimes helpful House-Elf;
slide down a pipe for a spot of spelunking in the chamber of secrets,
try to hide from the cranky caretaker,
pick up plenty of coins to buy sweets at the sweet shop, ,
spend some time in the library learning new spells,
and finally, hold on tight as you fly on a broom trying to catch the golden snitch,

You can Download the Sarah game at this link.

The file name is, Sarah10.exe, and it's size is 176.4 MB.

You can also download the game on the, Draconis Entertainment site.

For those who downloaded the full game, here is a smaller patch that fixes some bugs. Sarah Patch4.
It is 19.6 MB, finished November 26, 2007.
Many people did not like the objects calling out their names so I made an attempt to limit this and replaced the name with a sound effect.
This makes the game a little more difficult as you will have to examine or scan an object to tell what it is.
Once you recognize the sound though, the game will become easier and I hope more enjoyable.
Object detector.
You hit O to turn this object detector on and when you walk through the halls you will hear
suit of armor in four feet.
or trick step in two feet.
This feature may be handy when getting close to a door or unknown object as it will try to name the object.
To turn this feature off hit o again.
New Spells.
I moved the apparate to the spell list. And I added two new spells,
Homenum revelio and disillusicorpus.
You can find out what they do in the full spell list.
I changed the Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw common rooms to match Jo's description in the last book and from her answers to interview questions.
I also moved some of the rooms and doors around, especially on the ground floor and basement.
I connected the Kitchen wing with the Hufflepuff wing with an east west corridor.
And I moved the kitchen door to the center of that corridor.
I also put an antiChamber door in the Great Hall.
There is a new object in your inventory, your Potion Making Kit.
At the beginning of the game it is empty, but when you pick up a potion it goes right into the kit.
You can drop the kit and later pick it up.
You can check how many of the seven potions you have by hitting x on it from your inventory.
I added new creatures in the Forbidden Forest and in the lake.
I now allow you to get on and ride the flying Motorbike, but you have to find it first.
I also aded a few new magical items and books around the castle and especially in the Headmaster's office.
And I have included a Sarah Walk Through.txt that answers a lot of the questions and gives solutions to many of the puzzles in the game.
Patch 4 has all the bug fixes that were in Patch 1, 2, and 3, so I removed them.
It is to be installed in the same folder as the full Sarah install.
Unless there are any problems, I will eventually include the patch into the full version.
You can try out the first game chapter which includes the Ground floor, and Basement.
You can play this chapter as many times as you wish.
A registration key will unlock all 14 chapters.
Sarah and the Castle of Witchcraft and Wizardry, is sold through a collaboration with Draconis Entertainment.
The Draconis Entertainment Sara game page.
The price for a registration key that unlocks the full game is $31.95 US.

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